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Angry Reaction to Samak’s ‘Suu Kyi is a Tool’ Remark

posted by Naing, source from Irrawaddy news, 26 Aug 2008.

Burmese opposition politicians and some political observers and commentators have strongly rejected Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej’s description of  Aung San Suu Kyi as a “political tool” of the West.

Samak made the controversial comment to UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari when the two met in Bangkok as the Nigerian diplomat was returning from his latest failed mission to Burma.

Thailand’s Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej. (Photo: Reuters)

“Europe uses Aung San Suu Kyi as a political tool,” Samak told Gambari. “If it’s not related to Aung San Suu Kyi, you can have deeper discussions with Myanmar [Burma].”

Samak also told reporters after meeting Gambari: “Efforts to engage the military regime would be more productive if Aung San Suu Kyi was left off the agenda.”

Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) rejected the Thai premier’s comments as inappropriate.

“As the leader of a country, he should not give such comments about the political affairs of other countries,” said NLD Spokesman Nyan Win.

Nyan Win accused Samak of favoring the Burmese regime and ignoring the Burmese people.

Kavi Chongkittavorn, senior editor of the Bangkok English-language daily newspaper The Nation said, “I think Samak’s comment is ridiculous. And he has tarnished Thailand’s reputation as the chairman of the Asean (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations). 

“He [Samak] doesn’t even understand the situation in Burma. He has a very sadistic attitude in attacking whoever disagrees with him. Look at the manner he attacks the Thai media everyday.”  

A Burmese ethnic leader, Cin Sian Thang, chairman of the Zomi National Congress in Rangoon, accused Samak of “insulting Burmese people.”

Cin Sian Thang charged that Samak “doesn’t support the formation of democracy in Burma.”

A well-known Burmese politician and former ambassador to China in the 1970s, Thakin Chan Htun, said in Rangoon that Samak’s remarks were based on Thailand’s business interests in Burma, which were more important to him than democratic reform.

Although Gambari failed to meet any top Burmese leader or Aung San Suu Kyi on his latest visit, the UN denied the mission was a failure.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s deputy spokeswoman,
Marie Okabe, said in New York on Monday: “One should not make a judgment on the process based on each individual visit.”

During his Bangkok stopover, Gambari urged Samak to continue his support for the UN mission to break the political deadlock in Burma.

Gambari is scheduled to visit Indonesia before returning to New York, where Okabe said he would report to Ban Ki-moon on his latest visit to Burma.





No Safe in Delivery and for New Born Baby

reports of Habib collected from rohingyanet,

On 20 Aug 2008, a new born baby and mother were arrested from Hospital Seberang Jaya, Peneng state.
The mother was identified as Ms.Nofi, wife of Mr. Salim, a Rohingya refugee from Myanmar and both were recognized by UNHCR. After one day of her delivery, she and just two days old baby were handed over to Immigration by medical officer, at 10:30 am of the day. But her husband was successfully escaped from handing-over.
Her husband, Mr. Salim said that both of he and concern Rohingya community had reported to UNHCR through phone call. But an OPI senior officer replied that UNHCR had contacted to Immigration HQ for this matter. Aanother officer replied that the problem is she is an Indonesian therefore you have to deal by your own.

Rohingya community based on Peneng explained, “the victims, Ms. Nofi and 2 days old baby were detained in Juru detention camp, Peneneg. This is not the first case of transferring of new born baby and the mother who need yet to complete medication. Since last year to yet, about 15 of such kind of delivery were handed over to authority by medical officer. Some of a few were also got release by intervention of NGOs and communities after 14 days detention. But it is not allowing the rights of the child. There are elaborating to violate CRC and CEDAW but although the country has signed both conventions since 1995”.
“Impacts of Rohingya’s Close links to..”
reports of Habib collected from Rohingyanet on 5 March 2008,

UNHCR recognized a stateless Rohingya refugee, Mrs. Maimunah s/o Mohd Shukur ( UNHCR’s file No. 03/ROH/01540, who was born and grown-up in Malaysia ), had delivered a baby in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), on 09 March 2001.

But the child was kept at ICU for requirement weight. After 10 days on 20 March 2001, Maimunah and her husband Shafat Alam were arrested from National Registration Centre ( Willayah ) by immigration on the result of approaching for birth certificate. When her husband Shafat Alam had requested not to arrest the child mother who has not yet completed medication and arrest to him, he had been punched and kicked and his wife was also slapped by immigration officer. Then, separately she was detained at lock-up-Wangsa Maju Setapak and he was at lock-up-Daung Wanggi. But, 10 days old new born baby was left in HKL. After remanded 28 days in the lock-up, they both were transferred to Semenyith detention camp.

Even though their detention reached to 3 months, there was not set duration for their release or deportation. So, they had bribed 2000 RM to process deportation to Thailand.
When they both deported to riverside of Golok-Thailand, they rushed into the jungle to get rid of grasping by agent or Thai-authority. Later of hey spent 5 days in the jungle, they sumuggled back into Malaysia by paying 1200 RM for each.
The child’s grand-mother ( who spent over 30 years in Malaysia ) explained that she wept many days at HKL and finally she got her grand-child from HKL on 29 April 2001 when her grand-child was 50 days old. 

This is one of the silent suffering of Rohingya families.  On 18 Feb 2008,  Deputy Director for Ministry of Health Dato’ Dr. Hj Ramlee responded in the Conference of “Developing A Comprehensive Policy for Migrants Labour” that “the cause about medical officer hand-over to government authority is in need of to probe custody for who admit to hospitalization”.
You have to think here that why respected government authority did not call and hand-over to related custody like refugees regime UNHCR and government Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM) or others humanitarian NGOs?

Now, Government National Registration Department implemented its birth certificate without date or it senior number for foreign-babies.

Suu Kyi Refuses

posted by Naing, source from Irrawaddy news, 25 Aug 2008

Suu Kyi Refuses to Accept Food: Exiled NLD

Detained pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi refused to accept a food delivery to her home one week ago, according to the exiled National League for Democracy-Liberated Area. It isn’t clear if she has started a hunger strike.

The exiled group released a statement on Monday saying that Suu Kyi has refused to accept food from members of her party for nine days.

However, the NLD headquarters in Rangoon has yet to confirm the news. Nyan Win, a spokesperson for the NLD, told The Irrawaddy on Monday that the party was trying to confirm the report.

Suu Kyi told an NLD member, Myint Soe, who regularly delivers her food not to bring any more after the middle of this month, according to her family lawyer, Kyi Win, who was allowed to meet her twice on August 8 and 17 to discuss legal issues surrounding her continued detention.

One senior NLD member in Rangoon also said that Suu Kyi had a plan to “cut food supplies” unless her demands to meet her lawyer for further discussions were met by the military authorities.

Suu Kyi was concerned with restrictions imposed on her by the regime, the lawyer told The Irrawaddy over the phone from Rangoon on Monday.

The lawyer explained that under restriction (a), Suu Kyi is not allowed to meet and hold talks with diplomats or political organizations. Under restriction (b), she is not allowed to leave her house.

Under these restrictions, Suu Kyi could not, according to the regime’s own rules, meet Gambari or any visiting UN envoys. Kyi Win said that the way the UN officials called her to come out of her house with a loudspeaker would have forced her to violate the restrictions.   

Two of Gambari’s aides shouted with a bullhorn in front of Suu Kyi’s house that the envoy wanted to meet her last Friday, the last scheduled day of his sixth visit to Burma for national reconciliation talks between the regime and the NLD. Gambari later added a day to his trip.

Observers said that Suu Kyi’s refusal to meet the UN envoy last week showed her disappointment with his failed attempts to broker a solution to the country’s decades-old political standoff.

Suu Kyi has been under house arrest for 13 of the past 19 years. During most of this time, her food has been supplied exclusively by her colleagues.

In 2003, soon after Suu Kyi’s motorcade was attacked by junta-backed thugs in Upper Burma, the US State Department said that she had started a hunger strike.

Suu Kyi Refusal to Meet Envoy Sends a Strong Message, Say Observers

Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s refusal to meet with United Nations Special Envoy Ibrahim Gambari during his visit to the country last week has put a strong spotlight on the UN’s failed diplomatic efforts, said observers and members of the country’s opposition.

“I think she sent the message not only to Gambari but also to the UN and the Burmese people that there is no tangible consequence from the last meetings,” said Win Naing, a spokesperson for the opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) in Rangoon.

In a surprise move, Suu Kyi cancelled a meeting with Gambari last Wednesday and refused to meet with him again on Friday. Her refusal came amid criticism of the envoy’s meetings with groups formed by the ruling junta as a means of shoring up support for a military-drafted constitution and planned elections in 2010. 

But Suu Kyi was not the only person who did not want to meet Gambari on this trip. Some observers said that the refusal of Snr-Gen Than Shwe to meet the UN envoy was one of the reasons Suu Kyi declined to meet him.

“She obviously wants to send the message to the junta and to the UN that she is frustrated with the lack of progress,” said Larry Jagan, a British journalist who specializes in Burmese issues, speaking to The Irrawaddy on Monday.

Meanwhile, Burma’s ruling military regime moved quickly to exploit the situation. State-run television showed Gambari’s aides and Burmese officials standing in front of Suu Kyi’s house—one holding a loudspeaker—calling her to come out.

Information Minister Kyaw Hsan, who in a previous encounter with Gambari severely upbraided him for his supposed bias towards the pro-democracy leader, said: “We deeply regret that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi declined to meet with Your Excellency.”

Many Burma watchers and Burmese groups in exile were less sympathetic. Several Burmese bloggers ridiculed Gambari’s mission and UN efforts.

A Western diplomat with a keen interest in Burma said that the outcome of Gambari’s trip was “quite disappointing.”  

“Her [Suu Kyi] tactic was clearly the result of frustration at the failure of the regime to take her and Gambari seriously,” said the diplomat, noting that this was the third time that Than Shwe had failed to meet Gambari.

Although he was only supposed to meet with mid-ranking officials on this trip, the regime’s prime minister, Gen Thein Sein, finally made himself available after Suu Kyi’s cancellation.

Aye Thar Aung, secretary of the both Arakan League for Democracy and the Committee Representing the People’s Parliament, blasted the UN envoy, calling him “just a guest of the junta.”

“He is doing what the junta asked for. He is like a representative of the junta,” said the Rangoon-based Arakanese politician, echoing the sentiment of some who believe that Gambari endorsed the 2010 election.

“Mr Gambari hasn’t achieved any concrete result from this trip at all,” said Jagan.   “There is no improvement in the political situation. There was no discussion of the release of political prisoners.”

“I think his mission now must be at an end,” said Jagan.

Malaysian government intensifies harassment of political bloggers

source from Committee to Protect Journalists, posted by James,

New York, August 19, 2008 The Committee to Protect Journalists strongly condemns the recent harassment of popular bloggers Raja Petra Kamarudin and Abdul Rashid Bakar.

On August 15, Raja Petra, editor of the Malaysia Today news Web site, was ordered by a Malaysian Court to reveal the sources for three of his posted articles, which accused prominent local lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah of conspiring with police in relation to sodomy charges recently filed against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, according to news reports. Shafee has strenuously denied the allegations.

The court also asked Raja Petra to reveal the identities of visitors who had posted comments on his blog in connection with the articles. Malaysian media reports said Raja Petra was ordered by the court to remove the articles from Malaysia Today. As of Tuesday, all three were still defiantly posted on the Web site, which garners an audience of around 1.5 million unique readers per day, according to Raja Petra.

In a separate case, on August 7, blogger Abdul Rashid Abu Bakar, founder of the blog Penarik Beca, or Rickshaw Peddler, was arrested by police for publishing a digitally altered image of the national police insignia, according to local and international news reports. In that image, a tiger on the symbol was replaced with a dog and the words “Allah” and “Mohammad” on the symbol were replaced with “C4,” an explosive that was used in the murder of the Mongolian interpreter that has been linked to Najib.

The blogger also replaced the word “Malaysia” with “Israel” in the doctored image, according to local press freedom group the Center for Independent Journalism. (Malaysia does not have formal diplomatic ties with Israel.) Abdul Rashid was held in police custody overnight and was released the following day on bail. The authorities have not yet formally charged him, the group said.

“These cases are only the latest incidents in an intensifying government campaign to undermine Malaysia’s vibrant and growing community of online commentators,” said Robert Mahoney, CPJ’s deputy director. “We call on the Malaysian authorities to stop harassing bloggers and uphold the spirit of the government’s 1996 policy pledge not to censor the Internet.”

Raja Petra now faces a wide array of legal charges for his critical political writings. On May 6 he was charged and detained for three days under Malaysia’s draconian Sedition Act over postings he made that linked Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Najib Abdul Razak to the murder of a Mongolian interpreter. That trial is set to begin in October. The blogger faces up to three years in prison.

He was also arrested and charged on July 17 in relation to three separate criminal defamation charges that stem from assertions he made in a mid-June sworn statement that Najib’s wife was near the scene of the murder. Two military officials and the government have filed the charges, each of which carries a possible two years in prison. The trial began on August 15 and will resume after the court decides whether to grant the prosecution’s request to move the case to a higher criminal court.

Topics: Freedom of information, Freedom of expression,

Accident Killed A Burmese Refugee In Malaysia

researcher Theng,,,,

A Burmese refugee was killed in the accident by truck on 18 Aug 2008.

The refugee was identified as Siraz Ismail-50, UNHCR recognized refugee and belongs to ethnic Rohingya minority of Burma’s Arkan state. The accident was occurred when the victim was on his mid-way to Kajang from Ampang Tasik by three-wheels motor via Ulu Langkat road at early morning about 6 am of the day.

Upon the incident, the concern police department from Kajang district investigated and the body was taken to Hospital Kajang for postmortem.

The sources said, “the process of necessary indemnity fees requirement would be in problem for his documented status. However, the victim’s body was delayed in discharging from hospital and buried in cemetery Cheras area at 8pm on 19 Aug 2008, by the help of Rohingya community from Ampang”.

A friend of victim said, “the victim left 5 children and wife, who will definitely face problems for their helpless situation as they did not have any saving. They only survived by collecting recycle materials from dustbin and roadsides”.

“Being a genuine refugee of UNHCR, he never got chance to enjoy refugee’s rights like others, even did not get assistance for his funeral,” he further said.

A similar incident was happened on last week July 2008, about 1:30 pm at Ampang Tasik street 2/1. A legal migrant from Burma was killed there by Municipal truck (DBKL lorry). But, no indemnity fees was paid for the result of delaying representation by its Burmese Embassy.Aas well as, Embassy reluctant to tackle the issue for their concern.




Myanmar Mayaka seizes 280 acres of land in Buthidaung

Kaladan News ,August 21, 2003 , source from kaladan news, posted by Naing,

Buthidaung, Arakan State: The Township Peace and Development Council (TPDC), or Mayaka of Buthidaung Township confiscated about 280 acres of paddy fields from farmers of Ngaran Chaung village tract recently. The confiscation was made on the allegation that the farmers did not comply with the order to grow paddy again, said a schoolteacher on condition of anonymity.   


Earlier, the TPDC authorities had ordered farmers to grow paddy again as part of the summer cultivation. Some farmers complied where natural water was available but some did not because water was not available. The ruling junta did not make any arrangements to supply water to villagers.


Farmers of the Ngaran Chang village and Kyinutthi villages have to give 15 Tans (one Tan=40.9 kg) or Kyat 3,000 per acre to TPDC officials and another 15 Tans of paddy or Kyat 6,000 per acre to the land-surveying department by the end of January 2009.  The farmers have to give paddy following the summer paddy cultivation.  As a result, a farmer has to pay 30 Tans or Kyat 9,000 per acre to the authorities at a time. If any farmer fails to give paddy or money, their farm lands would be confiscated.


The authorities have also said that if farmers give the paddy or money in time, they will be allowed to grow paddy in their fields.


The Tactical Operation Commander (TOC) of Buthidaung Town has been apprised but the Commander has referred the matter back to the TPDC office in Buthidaung.  An officer of the TPDC told villagers that the problem will be solved in the near future. But, authorities are not allowing villagers to grow paddy in the seized land during the paddy season. The paddy season will end shortly.


It is a strategy to seize land belonging to Rohingyas indirectly by demanding at a time   huge money from villagers, said a village elder requesting not to be named.


Meanwhile, some Rakhine men came to the villages from Kyauktaw and Maruk U townships and demanded Kyat 200,000 to 250,000 per Khani (0.40 acre) claiming the lands were owned by their grandfathers. They are being encouraged by U Aung Mya, the Village Peace and Development Council (VPDC) Chairman of Ywar Thaya village of Ngaran Chang village tract, said a local trader. ##

Surprise operation by Nasaka in northern Arakan

  posted by Naing, source from Kaladan news, 19 Aug 2008


Buthidaung, Arakan State: Oppression of the Rohingya community in Arakan continues unabated with new systems worked out. A new system called “sudden operation” is being conducting by Burma’s border security force or Nasaka in Buthidaung Township since June 2008, against the Rohingya community.


The operation is underway by the Nasaka after 10 pm against the Rohingya villagers when they are sleeping. Nasaka personnel numbering 15 go to a Rohingya village after 10 pm and check the “household photo list” to find out whether the number of family members have decreased or increased, said a member of Village Peace and Development Council or VPDC.


After arriving at any Rohingya village, the Nasaka breaks into small groups and approaches door to door and asks the head of the family to open the door. When the door is opened, at least two Nasaka personnel barge into the house and order the head of the family to bring the “family list” and begin to check the family members matching their photographs after making all the family members queue up, he added.


If the Nasaka see the number has increased or decreased, the head of the family will be fined kyat 18,000. If a member of the family temporarily sleeps in a field hut, he is also counted as a decrease. If a relative goes to a nearby village or temporarily lives with the family; he/she is counted as an increase in the number of family members. The money has to be paid immediately. Those who cannot pay immediately have to either sell gold ornaments, cattle or even pawn their house, said a local trader asking not to be named.


Rohingya poor man, who is unable to pay, he is taken to the Nasaka camp and forced to work for at least one day as a forced labourer, he added.


“This is the way the Nasaka has been harassing the Rohingya community.  Sometimes, the Nasaka assault the women folk when the male head is absent. They also steal eggs and fowls from houses. This is done at night while the villagers are sleeping. Is it necessary to do this when there is no insurgency in northern Arakan?” a villager elder asked on condition of anonymity.

This kind of harassment against the Rohingya community is only true for Arakan. It is a kind of new system created by the Burmese junta to oppress the Rohingya people, the village elder added.   

UNHCR Accountibility Against Rohingya Refugees







By researcherTheng

UNHCR does not take care of Rohingya refugees and just show its accountability for Rohingya refugees


“But refugees in Malaysia are different as they were being considered as illegal migrants and no right to work. Due to lack of assistance and legal representation by nearest UNHCR, they are facing difficulties with medical bills in their hospitalization”

, he further said.

Another victim who declined to mention his name said that

he was delayed admission of his painful in stomach, for depository due. He therefore approached to UNHCR with hospital’s admission card. But UNHCR’s guard did not allow to enter him to report. So, he shouted from outside and then got entry. But also, reception officer asked to submit medical report first which could not attain before medication. Therefore, he own had ignored silently and back consently to home. Following 4 hours later, he was lifted by a neighbour, who also helped 300 RM deposit for emergency treatment.

He reported 3 days later of his surgery that

, I was asked to pay 1200 RM before going back home. I was also informed by medication officer that hospital offered 50% discount rate for only UNHCR recognized refugee card holders, but the rest 50% to be settled by patient itself. But UNHCR indoctrinated me that those 50% offered was considered by UNHCR and the rest 50% should be paid by myself. Finally, I had to manage to escape from handing-over to authority.

According to a wife of patient

, “my husband was admitted at government hospital for 2 weeks but superior treatment required again for getting bad condition. But, before admission for such superior treatment, hospital needs to get settle outstanding bills when I myself needs assistance for me and children while my husband is serious. Though I had approached twice to UNHCR, reception officer asked medic bills but never asked my husband’s condition. The staff does not know that the bill is never issued before the payment. So, I had been ignored silently, but it is committing as endangering of patient’s life”.

A private doctor said on the above matters,

“I am very aware of endangering patient’s life during reporting and fixing for bill or delaying by any means. The burden sharing therefore needed to be fix in accord with it rights. And several of the same cases gone in silent, but once they are recognized under UN, this report shall be submitted to the Secretary-General of the United Nations”.

According with obligations, everyone to enjoy in highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, is important for human beings in basically. However, patient’s rights not violated but it is not meaning no need to pay medic bills.

said a victim who is passing in critic and unable to go hospital for outstanding bills.

‘Swearing just a gimmick’, says former Indonesian president

posted by James, source from nst,

Former Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid says there is no such thing as swearing on the Quran under syariah
Former Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid says there is no such thing as swearing on the Quran under syariah

KUALA LUMPUR: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s act of swearing on the Quran was a political gimmick, said former Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid.

“It is un-Islamic because there is no such thing as swearing in syariah. Both should go to the syariah court,” he said at a press conference at the Parti Keadilan Rakyat headquarters here.

Last Friday, Saiful swore on the Quran that he was sodomised by de facto PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Abdurrahman, known as Gus Dur, was president of Indonesia from 1999 to 2001 and is leader of the Nahdlatul Ulama movement and National Awakening Party (PKB).

He has been a close friend of Anwar’s for 15 years.
“I believe he will make a good prime minister as he believes in democracy,” Abdurrahman said.

“This is my view and my view is shared by many Indonesians.”

Asked whether the PKB discussed Anwar in its meetings, Abdurrahman said: “No. We have our own troubles. Why should be look at other people’s problems?”

On whether he would join Anwar at Permatang Pauh and help in the by-election campaign, he said: “No, but I will join him on Aug 27 when he wins the seat.”

KUALA LUMPUR: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s act of swearing on the Quran was a political gimmick, said former Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid.

“It is un-Islamic because there is no such thing as swearing in syariah. Both should go to the syariah court,” he said at a press conference at the Parti Keadilan Rakyat headquarters here.

Last Friday, Saiful swore on the Quran that he was sodomised by de facto PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Abdurrahman, known as Gus Dur, was president of Indonesia from 1999 to 2001 and is leader of the Nahdlatul Ulama movement and National Awakening Party (PKB).

He has been a close friend of Anwar’s for 15 years.
“I believe he will make a good prime minister as he believes in democracy,” Abdurrahman said.

“This is my view and my view is shared by many Indonesians.”

Asked whether the PKB discussed Anwar in its meetings, Abdurrahman said: “No. We have our own troubles. Why should be look at other people’s problems?”

On whether he would join Anwar at Permatang Pauh and help in the by-election campaign, he said: “No, but I will join him on Aug 27 when he wins the seat.”

Rohingya shot dead in Maungdaw, Arakan

posted by Naing, source from Kaladan News , August 18, 2008
Maungdaw, Arakan State: A Rohingya was shot dead by a gang of unidentified miscreants when he was sleeping at home on August 11, at about 1:30 pm.  The gang fired on him from a window.

The victim was identified as Hafez Ahmed (42), son of Ali Ahmed from Mizzali Para of Fokira Bazaar in Maungdaw Township, Arakan State. He was an informer of Nasaka, Burma’s border security force. 

After the incident, the police brought the body to Bawli Bazaar clinic for autopsy. In the evening, the body was buried in the local grave yard.  The following day, Md Ayas (35), son of Mohamudur Rahaman including two others from the same village were arrested by Nasaka personnel of Nasaka area No.2 in Maungdaw Township.

Some villagers said that he was killed by his rival because he was jealous of his wealth while some said he was killed for his proximity to Nasaka.
The arrested were sent to the Nasaka camp where they are being detained and interrogated.
Some people from the village said that he was a good man while some said that he was notorious who harassed villagers. 

On August 16, some policemen went to the village from the Bawli Bazaar police station to search for the killers and arrested some villagers on suspicion but later released them after taking money.

Similarly, an informer Murtaza of Maung Nama village of Nasaka Director of Kawarbill was killed in June.

———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— –
Woman and elder brother-in -law arrested in Maungdaw

Maundaw, Arakan State: A child’s mother along with her elder brother-in- law were arrested by Nasaka Burma’s border security force in the first week of August on an allegation that the child was enlisted in the man’s family list as his son, though the child is his nephew, said a close relative.

The arrested were identified as Abul Khair (60), son of Abu Shama and Fatema Khatun (37), wife of Md. Hassan, hailed from Nayapara village under the Gaw Dhu Thar Ya village tract of Maungdaw Township.

Fatema Khatoon, wife of Md. Hassan who has been living in Saudi Arabia, has a two year old child. The child was enlisted in the family list of Abul Khair because of his father’s absence.  Abul Khair is the elder brother of Md. Hassaon.

Two and-a-half years ago, Fatema’s husband Md. Hassan came to Bangladesh, called his wife to Bangladesh from Burma, they were living together and his wife became pregnant.

After that, wife went to Burma again, and her husband flew to Saudi Arabia.  During the 10 month period, Fatema Khatoon gave birth to a baby, but this was not known to the authorities. However, two years later, the Nasaka of Magyi Chaung camp under the Nasaka area No.7 of Maungdaw Township came to know through informers.

Fatama Khatoon and her elder brother-in–law Abul Khair was arrested by Nasaka.

After the arrest, at first, they were brought to Nasaka camp and two days later, they were sent to Maungdaw police station. They are still in police custody.

There are many problems in northern Arakan such as this. Some people came to Bangladesh to visit their families, but they were not able to meet their families, so they called their families to Bangladesh, and lived together and the wife became pregnant. Many pregnant women are facing problems in northern Arakan, said a father whose son went to Saudi Arabia.

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