UNHCR Accountibility Against Rohingya Refugees







By researcherTheng

UNHCR does not take care of Rohingya refugees and just show its accountability for Rohingya refugees


“But refugees in Malaysia are different as they were being considered as illegal migrants and no right to work. Due to lack of assistance and legal representation by nearest UNHCR, they are facing difficulties with medical bills in their hospitalization”

, he further said.

Another victim who declined to mention his name said that

he was delayed admission of his painful in stomach, for depository due. He therefore approached to UNHCR with hospital’s admission card. But UNHCR’s guard did not allow to enter him to report. So, he shouted from outside and then got entry. But also, reception officer asked to submit medical report first which could not attain before medication. Therefore, he own had ignored silently and back consently to home. Following 4 hours later, he was lifted by a neighbour, who also helped 300 RM deposit for emergency treatment.

He reported 3 days later of his surgery that

, I was asked to pay 1200 RM before going back home. I was also informed by medication officer that hospital offered 50% discount rate for only UNHCR recognized refugee card holders, but the rest 50% to be settled by patient itself. But UNHCR indoctrinated me that those 50% offered was considered by UNHCR and the rest 50% should be paid by myself. Finally, I had to manage to escape from handing-over to authority.

According to a wife of patient

, “my husband was admitted at government hospital for 2 weeks but superior treatment required again for getting bad condition. But, before admission for such superior treatment, hospital needs to get settle outstanding bills when I myself needs assistance for me and children while my husband is serious. Though I had approached twice to UNHCR, reception officer asked medic bills but never asked my husband’s condition. The staff does not know that the bill is never issued before the payment. So, I had been ignored silently, but it is committing as endangering of patient’s life”.

A private doctor said on the above matters,

“I am very aware of endangering patient’s life during reporting and fixing for bill or delaying by any means. The burden sharing therefore needed to be fix in accord with it rights. And several of the same cases gone in silent, but once they are recognized under UN, this report shall be submitted to the Secretary-General of the United Nations”.

According with obligations, everyone to enjoy in highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, is important for human beings in basically. However, patient’s rights not violated but it is not meaning no need to pay medic bills.

said a victim who is passing in critic and unable to go hospital for outstanding bills.

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