No Safe in Delivery and for New Born Baby

reports of Habib collected from rohingyanet,

On 20 Aug 2008, a new born baby and mother were arrested from Hospital Seberang Jaya, Peneng state.
The mother was identified as Ms.Nofi, wife of Mr. Salim, a Rohingya refugee from Myanmar and both were recognized by UNHCR. After one day of her delivery, she and just two days old baby were handed over to Immigration by medical officer, at 10:30 am of the day. But her husband was successfully escaped from handing-over.
Her husband, Mr. Salim said that both of he and concern Rohingya community had reported to UNHCR through phone call. But an OPI senior officer replied that UNHCR had contacted to Immigration HQ for this matter. Aanother officer replied that the problem is she is an Indonesian therefore you have to deal by your own.

Rohingya community based on Peneng explained, “the victims, Ms. Nofi and 2 days old baby were detained in Juru detention camp, Peneneg. This is not the first case of transferring of new born baby and the mother who need yet to complete medication. Since last year to yet, about 15 of such kind of delivery were handed over to authority by medical officer. Some of a few were also got release by intervention of NGOs and communities after 14 days detention. But it is not allowing the rights of the child. There are elaborating to violate CRC and CEDAW but although the country has signed both conventions since 1995”.
“Impacts of Rohingya’s Close links to..”
reports of Habib collected from Rohingyanet on 5 March 2008,

UNHCR recognized a stateless Rohingya refugee, Mrs. Maimunah s/o Mohd Shukur ( UNHCR’s file No. 03/ROH/01540, who was born and grown-up in Malaysia ), had delivered a baby in Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), on 09 March 2001.

But the child was kept at ICU for requirement weight. After 10 days on 20 March 2001, Maimunah and her husband Shafat Alam were arrested from National Registration Centre ( Willayah ) by immigration on the result of approaching for birth certificate. When her husband Shafat Alam had requested not to arrest the child mother who has not yet completed medication and arrest to him, he had been punched and kicked and his wife was also slapped by immigration officer. Then, separately she was detained at lock-up-Wangsa Maju Setapak and he was at lock-up-Daung Wanggi. But, 10 days old new born baby was left in HKL. After remanded 28 days in the lock-up, they both were transferred to Semenyith detention camp.

Even though their detention reached to 3 months, there was not set duration for their release or deportation. So, they had bribed 2000 RM to process deportation to Thailand.
When they both deported to riverside of Golok-Thailand, they rushed into the jungle to get rid of grasping by agent or Thai-authority. Later of hey spent 5 days in the jungle, they sumuggled back into Malaysia by paying 1200 RM for each.
The child’s grand-mother ( who spent over 30 years in Malaysia ) explained that she wept many days at HKL and finally she got her grand-child from HKL on 29 April 2001 when her grand-child was 50 days old. 

This is one of the silent suffering of Rohingya families.  On 18 Feb 2008,  Deputy Director for Ministry of Health Dato’ Dr. Hj Ramlee responded in the Conference of “Developing A Comprehensive Policy for Migrants Labour” that “the cause about medical officer hand-over to government authority is in need of to probe custody for who admit to hospitalization”.
You have to think here that why respected government authority did not call and hand-over to related custody like refugees regime UNHCR and government Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM) or others humanitarian NGOs?

Now, Government National Registration Department implemented its birth certificate without date or it senior number for foreign-babies.

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