An Innocence Burmese Refugee Dead in Rela Raid

researcher Theng,

 A 22 years old Burmese Refugee was brutally beaten to death in Selayang Baru area, Kuala Lumpur, on 04 Nov 2007.

 the victim’s picture was taken while preparing for funeral

note: the date shown on the photo was retaken date of the original photo 

The dead body was identified as Md. Hussein, a Rohingya refugee from Burma. The sources confirmed that the victim was killed by Rela forces, during the raid at around 12:15am of the day. After beaten brutally,  the victim was pushed into the drain,  front side of Pasar Lama.


A local source said, “at the morning about 10:00am, IPD police from Selayang, accompanied by chief inspector, lifted the dead body to General Hospital KL, for postmortem. During inquiry to the place, two local from Bazzer had talked directly to police that they had seen the event Rela forces beating the victim”.


“The next day, the victim’s relative and Rohingya community from Selayang, faced problems to take out the dead body from Hospital. As they have to get approval from IPD- Selayang. But, IPD Selayang’s chief inspector urged that community have to sign to prove  the victim was dead for slided himself into the drain, and not to say killed by Rela. It would be easy to take out the body”. Eventually, they agreed and 5 relatives of the victim were signed as chief inspector forced.” One of the victim’s relative explained.


“It is almost like in Burma, if the victim was killed in police custody, authority forced the doctor and victim’s family to show as the victim suffered from diseased.” Community added.


They also expressed, “that day, about 80 people were arrested and about 40 of them were from Burma including 15 of them were Rohingya refugees.  We saw the dead body with bleeding out from left side of victim’s head, opening occiput, broken right hand and wounded in tight.”


The victim’s wife, Ms. Montas, recognized refugee said, community and she had souhgt assistance from UNHCR, but reply nothing. She also added, “a few month ago, the various reporters had visited to Selayang and recorded various abuses faced by refugees, but no report is release yet”.


An activist from Selayang said, “we wish to raise about such kind of serious issues through proper channel, but concern quarters saying that we are persuing defamation against them.”


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