11 Burmese Refugees Arrested In Indonesia

 researcher James,

Two weeks ago, 11 Burmese refugees were arrested in Iranjaya Indonesia while their secondary migration to Australia.


They were identified as Rohingya refugees from Burma. The sources from Ampang-KL of Malaysia said, “two of them are recognized refugees of UNHCR-Malaysia and the rest were unregistered. The two of them are of prvious group of about 44 Rohingya refugees arrested  in Indonesia in 2006.  Most of them back to Malaysia after six months detention in Indonesia”.


Amir Hussein’s wife from Ampang-KL  said, ” my husband’s first journey to Australia in 2006 was failed but he got experience and I allowed again for second time because we have decided to search a safe place for us and a territory for our children but not in Malaysia. UNHCR known well about we are not safe here. Although we are longstanding here, UNHCR-Malaysia did not recognize us and then treatment in process of protection and relocation are not provided equal for Rohingya refugees. Usually, the host introduced with abuses and recognized as illegals. I am praying for completion of our seeking a safe place. Unfortunately, my husband together others 10 were detained in Iranjaya-Indonesia”.


The source from Australia said, “In 2006, UNHCR recognized about 44 Rohingya refugees from Penang state-Malaysia, about 70 Rohingya refugee boatmen from Arakan-Burma, about 28 Rohingyas from Thailand, were arrested in Indonesia. Only 8 of UNHCR-Malaysia recognized Rohingya refugees had been reached to Chrismas Island, Australia. But they received protection-visa in Australia by new Prime Minister after one year of detention in Nauru Island. Many Rohingyas  had been trapped and exploited on the way in 2005 and 2006. Once they faced again as the origin of the persecution in the host and no solution was paved for their problems, they required a safe place fundamentally”.


When the sail asked to community from Ampang-Kl about UNHCR’s present holding progress, they replied, “most of priority goes to non-Rohingyas, one in thousand receiving assistance, protection is just a show occasionally. Supporting in where self-reliance sector of education for refugee children is informal and limited education. Please compare to the numbers of attendants and the numbers of refugees children and such program started in 2007 is why? If we received basic rights and and protected in Malaysia, they will not be searched for the safe territory via the risk”.

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