9 Burmese Refugees Arrested In Malaysia

 Researcher James,

9 Burmese refugees were arrested by Rela and Immigration raid on 04 Nov 2008.


They were identified as Burmese Rohingya refugees. The sources from Klang said that the raid started at 8:00pm, about 200 people were lifted by 3 lorries, including 9 Rohingya refugees from Meru-Setia, Klang area. But they don’t know the 9 Rohingya refugees are recognized or not , due to frontier UNHCR-Malaysia had stopped its new registration of Rohingya refugees.


Rohingya refugees community said, “yesterday on 05 Nov 2008, UNHCR’s acting a confidant person had been hold a meeting with Rohingya refugees in Klang. In the meeting, he proposed not to join in any demonstration to UNHCR. The next day again in Cheras Baru on 06 Nov 2008, UNHCR’s FST head officer Ms. Elly had asked about why Rohingya refugees from Cheras coming less for extension of ID card. She also explained that UNHCR card holders would not be arrested and this UNHCR ID card holders would be protected”.


Therefore, a refugee activist expressed his surprise against the various unscrupulous thesis of UNHCR that found different thesis delivery when people approached to UNHCR office and in time of UNHCR approached to people. He also added, “FST team has very actived to prevent the Rohingya refugeess’ seeking to reinstall their obligation like others refugees and holding expression of the truth. But UNHCR don’t know on Refugees unrest with its extension 3 years again and again, continuing 512, wording the ‘bin’ word for double standard roles, and isolation without an adequate solution for only Rohingya Muslim refugees”.

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