“Burmese Refugees Meet Intentional Violations In Malaysia”

 researcher Theng,

An Innocence Burmese Refugee was beated by 3 locals in Johor , Kota Tinggi, on 07 Nov 2008.

the victim 

the victim, Mr. Md Alam (UNHCR file No. 512-03C-01720 )


The victim was identified as Mr. Alam (UNHCR file No. 512-03C-01720 ), a Rohingya refugees from Burma. According to his thesis, he is spending in 20 years and await for UNHCR mandate.


Mr. Alam added the talks to the sail that when 3 years date of UNHCR ID card is going to be expired, he managed to approached to UNHCR-KL from Kota Kecil, Kota Tinggi, Johor state. At about 8:30pm of the day, while he back to home after bought a bus-ticket to KL, he was stopped by 3 local Malays by 2 motor-bikes. They asked his IC and passport and said they are polices. When Md Alam replied he know all polices from that area and if they were polices he would follow to police station, one of them had beat trice to his head from the back by spanner and the rest two men kicked and punched.  Suddenly, he was laid down there and his wallet included about 500RM, UNHCR ID card, bus ticket, and hand-phone, watch were looted by them. Beside neighbors were looking this event. He was lifted to police station of Kota Tinggi and admitted hospital and spent through 2 days in coma condition.


“On his approached to UNHCR-KL office on 10 Nov 2008, UNHCR’s officer wrote down the event but when the victim asked for the condition of relocation to a safe environment and necessary assistance for his mental suffering, UNHCR’s officer urged to wrote letter to ensure that he needs assistance”. In his conclusion.


The sources from Kota Tinggi added that a few hours later, another Burmese Rohingya refugee was beated in the same day at the same place.


Rohingya community from Penang said, “UNHCR recognized a Rohingya refugee Mr. Abdu Sukur had been beaten to bloody and coma by several locals, on 10 Nov 2008. We had been targeted by both enforcement authority and local specially. In many raids, the enforcement authorities don’t know our places but followed by villager locals. Several times we been introduced with extortion, arrests, and uncertain deportation. In the middle of Oct 2008,  some Burmese refugees were deported from Semenyith camp. At the event of  handing-over to the trafficker agent, one of them was shot dead by agent’s gunman for trying to escape. Whereas, the other deportees confirmed that gunmen are the people of Hj. Nabi”.


Again, Rohingya community from Selayang had informed to the sail by phone that a 20 years old Burmese Rohingya Refugee Mr. Mohd Hashim ( UNHCR file No. 03/ROH/01514 ), had been beaten brutally by local Indians gang and broken both legs, a hand, and head in Taman Willah, Selayang Baru, at 10:30pm on 11 Nov 2008. Then, they put some drug to the victim’s pocket and handed over to polices. Although the victim was detained wrongfully as drug dealing and crime case, in police lock-up of Sentul- KL, his mother Ms Halimah was told by police that to search at the prison of Kajang or Sungai Buloh prison on 14 Nov 2008. We community had sent a request letter for UNHCR’s assistance.


In the report of Chin Community from Bukit Bintang sent to the sail, “UNHCR’s reconized 26 Burmese Refugees were arrested by Rela raid in Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang-KL at 3:30pm, on 13 Nov 2008.” Report also confirmed that 7 of them are Rohingyas and the rest are Chins.


In the interview with UNHCR’s recognized the two deportee Burmese refugees, Mr Yoosuf-15 (UNHCR file No. 512-03C-01224 ) and Mr Mohd Ali (UNHCR file No. 512-04C-02158), were arrested in Pandan Perdana by immigration forces on 16 July 2008 and detained in Putrajay Immigration lock-up for 2 moths without hearing court order. After that they were detained in KLIA detention center. Later of one month and 25 days detention in KLIA, the two together 46 Burmese refugees were sold-out to trafficker by government immigration official and benefited 500RM for each, at the Malay-Thai border, at about 23:00pm of 07 Nov 2008. They two also talked about continuing the horrific conditions, inhumane abuses, overcrowding and providing malnutrition food in both Putrajaya immigration lock-up and KLIA detention center. They also shocked to express that why they had not been visited or asked or informed by concern quarter UNHCR. Further more, in their confirmation, one of UNHCR’s recognized Burmese refugee long-term detainee Mr Yunus-23 had sent a call for his isolation one year in KLIA detention camp .The similar suffering in KLIA by many migrant workers from various countries are from mostly India, Srilanka, Burma are pending over a year to get return to home country.

An activist sent a clarification related to the cases of 45 illegal Burmeses who were arrested from Padang Besar-Alor star on 03  Sept 2008, which was highlighted in TV3-999 program on 13 Nov 2008. He confirmed those 45 are Rohingya refugees from Burma and they are in need of intervention by their custody UNHCR, might not be ignored.


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  • Nur Hasim  On November 17, 2008 at 2:37 am

    I am strongly condemned the attrocities on Burmeses refugees by local of Malaysia. I want to urge to UNHCR to figure out this situation of the Burmese refugees in Malaysia.

    Nur Hasim

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