Burmese Refugees arrested In Malaysia

 researcher Theng,

Four of Burmese refugee families were arrested by enforcement authority in Seremban, Malaysia on 19 Nov 2008.


All of them are identified as UNHCR recognized Rohingya refugees from Burma. One of the Rohingya who escaped from the raids said that the raid started at 9:30pm and about 30 people  including children were arrested. He added, “one of them is Ms Sakinah (UNHCR file No.04/ROH/02104) and her husband while their way to back home. All of them were sent to Lenggeng detention camp. But Ms Sakinah’s children are crying for mother back and currently no one to care them ”.


Rohingya community in KL had talked to ‘the sail’ that violations are in placed  in the respect of enforcement rules, no matter children or sick or pregnant. And these are not happenings only today.  We have no choice due to frontier concerned quarter remains quietly.

He also criticized strongly on “Youssouf Oomar (Unicef representative to Malaysia)‘s thesis highlighted that organization has been working with the government for 54 years (Source from NST p-14, 20 Nov 2008)”.

“I don’t know why he was not appeared today, the rights of refugees children were violated and closed with detention and uncertain deportation since 20 years ago. It came to believe that they were exploited by concern quarters. Their working 54 years is absolutely true, but not for refugee children.” He added.


Rohingya community from Kelantan said, “UNHCR recognized two Rohingya refugees were arrested from construction site of Kelantan on  17 Nov 2008. One was identified as Nurmamed”.

Rohingyas Community from Pudu said, “Md.Salim (03/ROH/01709) and Azam (512-03C-00985) were arrested during the raids in Pudu area at 3:30pm of 08 Nov 2008 . And they were sent to Malacca detention camp, far about 200 Km from KL. We community had reported several times to UNHCR office but the arrestees are still remaining in detention center, like before”.


In the letter of a confidential source included that during this months, others 32 persons of unregistered Rohingy refugees were also arrested from Sungai Besi and Ampang point areas.

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