Reviewing the Reported Numbers of recognized Rohingya Refugee Detainees In 2007

By James,

Reviewing the Reported Numbers of recognized Rohingya Refugee Detainees In 2007
Due to local human rights thinkers do not dare to highlight the numbers of reported Rohingya refugee detainees in 2007, the real figure had been kept as unseen, even in UNHCR’s reports or informings. Whereas, whether fear of low reflection or not the reports was ignored. Beside, more than double numbers of Rohingya refugee detainees were unreportedly remaining and at least 20 people had been missed every year. However the truth should be revealed with a view to achieve the goals of human rights and dignity. The reason why did reports miss, was made ignorance of the situation.

Therefore, we would like to review the reported numbers of UNHCR recognized Rohingya refugee detainees in 2007. These were only reported numbers and they are as follow: –

Date of arst No. of Arrestees Place of Arrest Detention Custody Note&Duration
1-Jan 26 Selayang area, Kelantan Malacca, Ajil camps detained 8 months and transferred to Ajil camp, including members of MERHROM.  For arrestees in Kelantan, see appendix-1

13-Jan 6 Klang Meru Semenyith camp reported by area based refugee representative

12-Feb 4 Sungai Buluh Semenyith camp, One of them was identified as Abutayub (unregistered refugees),

kajang prison he was detained 4 months and

punished a stroke. He was also

arrested again in 12 July 2008. See appendix-2
End of Feb 70+ Selayang Semenyith,Malacca 70 were remanded firstly in
&March 4 families Kuantan Tenah Maerah camp Pudu prison. Including children. For more, see appendix-3
See appendix-4 for detained in Tenah Maerah

April 2 children Ampang Tasik kajang prison and firstly,remanded in Police Station
under 15

Semenyith camp Ampang for two weeks, they were put in Kajang Prison to plead guilty.
10 prs
several areas

See appendix-5

50 prs of KL area Lang-Kap camp reported and released in
about 140 Irrawaddy news

3-May 3 KL area Semenyith camp
See appendix-6

7-May 1 Terengganu Ajil camp
See appendix-7

9-May 2 Kiuantan Tenah Maerah camp Mother and daughter, who
needed anemia treatment. See appendix-8
13-May 1 KL area Lenggeng camp See appendix-9

22-May 3 Seremban, Selayang Lenggeng camp
See appendix-10

23-May 4 (f) JPN Semenyith this family, including 13 days old
baby, were handed over to
Immigration by JPN’s officer . See appendix-11
23-May 30 Selayang tmn wlh unknown reported to UNHCR by area based refugee representaive

30-May 10+ a family Terengganu, JPN Tenah Maerah camp See appendix-12

June 20+30 Kl, JPN Lenggeng camp
30 prs were arrested from several areas. See appendix-13

4-Aug about 50 of Selayang Lenggeng camp, highlighted in local TV news.
about 100 & Semenyith camp, they were detained separately.
of 350 ilgs Gombak Malacca, Ajil camps. most of Ringyas were sent to

Malacca camp
5-Aug 90 of 120

highlighted in BBC news,Irrawaddy

news and AI news. Including 2

activists and some were beated.

Involved children and sicks. KLIA group was
Ampang Tasik, Semenyith camp detained 45 days and transferred
Tasik Tembahan, KLIA camp again to Ajil camp, to deal with
of 200 ilgs Taman Muda Ajil camp UNHCR. 5 to 7 months later, all
Cheras Baru

were handed over to trafficker

agent, except 2 who were remained for UNHCR.

More details at appendix-14
3-Nov most of 60 Klang area Semenytith camp mostly of 60 prs were Rohingyas

prs most are recognized refugees See Appendix-15

15-Dec 18 Klang Meru Semenyith camp Including children. See appendix-16

Note:  Despite the reports of other quarters did not cover their stories, all of these news had been hilighted in Rohingya net and MERHROM web-blog.



Two families arrested in the end of 2006-are;

05 Nov 2006, Mohd Sultan s/o Noor Ahmed, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/00770, Subiyah (wife), Forizah (daughter) – Noor Begom (daughter), Nor Bahar (sister in law) and Mr Yunus, were arrested by a raid in Pasir Gudang-Johor state. They were transfer to Terenganu Ajil Camp.

End of 2006, Yar Mohamed and family involved under 5 years old two children, were arrested from Johor. They were detained seven months in immigration detention camp of Pekan Nenas-Johor then transferred to Ajil detention camp of Terengganu. They spent another 2 months in Ajil and handed over to human trafficker in Malay-Thai border..

08 Jan, a Rohingya family arrested by Rela of Kelantan and detained at Ajil detention camp of Terengganu state, was identified as;
a. Mr. Noor Hussein s/o Abdu Suban, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/00580,
b. Ms. Juma Bi d/o Hakim Ali (Wife)
c. Noor Hudah, Child YOB: 2000
d. Noor Nisah, Child YOB: 2001
e. Noor Shahidah, Child YOB: 2003

12 Feb, Abu Tayub, undocumented Rohingya( nephew of Hassan living in Norway), was arrested by immigration in Sungai Buluh and detained at Demansara Immigration Lock-up. One week later, he was sent to Semenyith detention camp. After 16 days in Semenyith camp, the court charged him 3 months jail term and a stroke and then transferred to Kajang prison. After completion of jail term, he was sent back to Semenyith camp. He spent16 days again in Semenyith and handed-over to human trafficker in Malay-Thai border.


In March, some Rohingyas in detention camp of Malacca were identified as;
Babu s/o Tazumia, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/00256, was arrested in Gombak batu-8 on 21 March.
Mamo Rafiq s/o Noor Lamin, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/02819, was arrested in Malacca on 15 March.
Ekran s/o Fazol Ahmed, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/01511, was arrested in Malacca on 15 March.
Mohd Ayas s/o Jamal, UNHCR Ref: No-05/ROH/00872, was arrested in Malacca on 15 March.
Nur Hussin s/o Mohd Jalil, UNHCR Ref: No-512-05C 00419, was arrested in Malacca on 15 March
Mohamed s/o Hussain, UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/0132, was arrested in Malacca on 15 March.

Another group about seven recognized Rohingya refugees were also detained but their identities were not collected.

In Feb and March, UNHCR recognized four families include about 25 persons involving women and children were arrested by Rela forces in Kuantan and detained at Tanah Maerah detention camp.

End of April, UNHCR card holder two Rohingya teens were accused of theft and handed over to Police of Taman Dagan-Ampang Jaya by an informer. When no evidence was presented at the police station, they had been beaten several times on their shin-bones and accused gum-seekers at last. Parents had sought for UNHCR’s intervention but they were transferred to detention custody.

29 April, Zafar Ahmed, UNHCR Ref: No-512/03C/01359, was arrested in Selayang Baru at 3:23 am and detained at Pudu Jail.
21 April, Muhibullah, UNHCR Ref: No-05/ROH/01033, was arrested in the raid and detained at Pudu jail.
15 April, Amir Ahmed s/o Mohd Ali, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/01783, was arrested in Balakong. His Semenyith Camp body number is 5051.
13 April, Hamidul Bashar s/o Duda Ali, UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/00802, was arrested by Rela force in Ampang. His Semenyith camp body number is 8667.
13 April,Yunus s/o Roshit UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/00793, Imam Hussein UNHCR Ref: No-05/ROH/00024, were detained in Semenyith camp.
13 April, Mohd Sultan s/o Noor Ahmed, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/02390, was arrested in Semenyih and detained at Semenyih camp.
04 April, Mohd Hashim-60 s/o Imam Sharif, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/01286, was arrested and lifted to Cheras Rela lock-up.
04 April, Halaluddin s/o Mohd Shafi, UNHCR Ref: No-05/ROH/01043, was arrested by Rela forces in Negeri Sembilan and sent to Lenggeng camp. His body number is 4460.
03 April, Mohamed s/o Ali, UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/01879, was arrested by Police Puchong and sent to the prison. His body number of Sungai Buluh Jail is 3075.

03 May, Abdul Shukur (UNHCR Ref: No-04/Roh/01670 and body no.0185), Ismail,(UNHCR Ref: No-05/Roh/00394 and body no.0188) and Yunus(UNHCR Ref: No-04/Roh/00793 and body no.8423), were arrested in KL and detained at Semenyith detention camp. They had also came back through smuggler agent on 20 June 2007.


07 May, Md Aesob, UNHCR Rf: No-512-05C 01286, was arrested in Terenganu and detained at Agile detention camp of Terenganu state. After he was handed over to human trafficker, he came back through smuggling agent on 24 July 2007.


09 May, Ms.Nur Bashar d/o Mohamed and her daughter Ms Hasna who needs intensive care for anaemia, were arrested by Rela forces in Kuantan then sent to Tanah Maerah detention camp of Kelantan.


13 May, Anwar Hussain s/o Kabir Ahmad, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/01600, was arrested by Rela and sent to Immigration lock-up of Damansara.


22 May, Mohd Yunus s/o Islam(UNHCR Ref: No–/Roh/00586 ) and Hussein s/o Hashim (UNHCR’s File No–Roh/01356 ), were arrested by Rela forces in Port Dickson-Seremban then sent directly to Lenggeng detention camp.
22 May, UNHCR recognized 50 refugees were arrested at 10pm in a joint operation by Rela and police forces in Selayang Taman Wilayah. They were detained at Pudu Jail. So far, Rohingya Human Rights Organization had attained data of 15 refugees are as below;
Tun Min Lay, UNHCR Ref: No-07/MLS/1374
Jamar, UNHCR Ref: No-354-03C00818
Mujibu Rahman s/o Md Bilal, UNHCR Ref: No-05/ROH/01089
Mohd Shofi s/o Bashir, IMM-13 receipt holder
Kamal Hussain s/o Hussain, IMM-13 receipt holder
Amaram s/o Nasirmya, not collected UNHCR Ref: No-
Zafor s/o Borshor, not collected UNHCR Ref: No-
Hasu (nick name), not collected UNHCR Ref: No-
Farok s/o Abdul Lakim, not collected UNHCR Ref: No-
Salamat Karim s/o Mustafa, UNHCR Ref: No-512-04C01217
Hamid Hussain s/o Zahid Hussain, UNUCR Ref: No-05/ROH/00850
Abdul Karim s/o Md. Hussin, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/00593
Rashid s/o Shafie, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/01828
Mohd Amin s/o Mohd kassim, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/01774
Nor Mohamad s/o Hussin, UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/00963


23 May, UNHCR recognized Mohd Rafiq s/o Nur Islam (UNHCR Ref: No-04/Roh/01880), his wife Fatemah, a three years old son and about 13 days old baby, were detained in National Registration Office(JPN) of Damansara for seeking Birth Registration Certificate. They were detained at Immigration lock-up of the 5th floor and then sent to Semenyih detention camp.


30 May, Mr.Ayub Ali (his ID appeared later as 354-07C-04686) and together 10 Rohingya refugees were arrested by Rela forces in Kuala Terengganu at 3:42 am. Only Ayub Ali enabled to smuggle back to Malaysia and what happen to the rest is unknown.
30 May, a 10 days old baby and parents; Mr Hakim s/o Bukim and Ms Syahida d/o Kassim (UNHCR Ref: No-512/04C/01648), were detained in National Registration Office of Damansara for seeking Birth Registration Certificate. A few days later, they were sent to Semenyih detention camp and body numbers are (12723 and 12722.

23 June, Md Amin s/o Monir Rahmed, UNHCR Ref: No-05/ROH/01478, was arrested from USJ-9 of Subang Jaya and detained at Semenyith dentention camp.( camp body number is C-12320 )

13 June, the following were arrested from Limbongan Malacca by Rela forces and sent to Malacca detention camp;
Hussein s/o Nabi, UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/00840
Mohd Hashim s/o Alam, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/02425
Nur Mohamed s/o Manubi, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/01440
Mohd Ibrahim s/o Mohd Rahim, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/01982
Dil Mohamed s/o Abdul Rahim, UNHCR Ref: No- 04/ROH/02478
Abdu Rahim s/o Abdu Zabar, UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/01107
Mohd Harun s/o Suna Meah, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/01703
Sayed hussein s/o Abdukoo, UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/00531
Hussein s/o Norudin, UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/00566
Nur Alam s/o Nur Mohammed, UNHCR Ref: No-512-05C 00815

Abdul Rahim s/o Mohammed Yunus, 04/ROH/01830 Malacca Camp
Mr. Mustafa Kamal s/o Mohd Jalil (UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/oo661) and wife Ms Sutilawati d/o Karya and a baby. Their body numbers are 3344-07 and 3350.
Hamid Hussin s/o Dil Mohommed, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/02423, and wife and 2 children

The others arrested in the same period from different areas are;
Mohd Ali s/o Sharif, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/01748, detained at Chowkit Rela lock-up
Abdur Rahim s/o Abdul Satar, UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/01095, detained at Chowkit Rela lock-up
Abdul Salam s/o Abu Kalam, UNHCR Ref: No-05/ROH/00238, detained at Cheras Rela lock-up
Mohd Rashid s/o Shafi, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/02217, detained at Lenggeng camp
Imam Sharif s/o Mohd Hashim, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/01286, detained at unknown
Mohd Ali s/o Mohd Noor, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/01651, was arrested from Kota Bharu and detained at Tanah Maerah camp. His body number is 1424.
Mohd Tofail s/o Khairul Bashar, UNHCR Ref: No-06/INS/BLW/089, was arrested in Serdang and sent to Semenyith camp.
Farus Khan, UNHCR Ref: No-03 / Roh / 00575
Kabir Ahamad Abdul, UNHCR Ref: No-05/ROH/00836

07 June, Mohd Salim s/o Furuk Ahmead UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/00497, was arrested in Putrajaya and detained at Lenggeng detention camp. His body number is 7314.
07 June, Md Salim, UNHCR Ref: No-512-04C 00497, was arrested and detained at Lenggeng camp. He re-entered through smuggler agent by 2000-RM payment on 28 July 2007.
7th July 2007, Samsui, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/01652, was arrested in Damansara by Rela and detained at Subang Police Station.

9 Aug, Najmul Hoq, UNHCR Ref: No-04/ROH/01134, was arrested in Balakong and sent to Lenggeng camp. His body number is 10629.
10 Aug, Abdul Karim-13, UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/00588, was arrested by Rela in Seri Nilam and sent to Lengging camp. His body number is 10652.

4 Aug, according to Tv news, 350 illegal immigrants were arrested from Selayang area in a raid at 3:30 am. 113 ilegals of them are from Myanmar.
Again on 5 Aug, about 200 migrants mostly Myanmar and Indonesian nationals in Amapng, Cheras areas were arrested by Rela jointly local members. About 120 are from Myanmar where most of them are UNHCR recognized Rohingya refugees. Rohingyas reported that they had been insulted physically and humiliated by Rela members. All were lifted firstly to Rela station at Batu-10, Cheras and about 70 Rohingyas of them were lifted to KLIA detention and then the rest were to Semenyith and lenggeng detentions. From KLIA group, some were abused by immigration and sent to prison and the rest 42 Rohingyas were transferred to Ajil detention camp of Terengganu state after 45 days of detention in KLIA. Habib, secretary of Rohingya Human Rights Organization said that he together 42 Rohignyas transferred to Ajil camp after 45 days detained in KLIA, were separately handed over to human traffickers when their detention length reached at 5 months.

Rohingya Human Rights organization-MERHROM stated that most of them were detained at Semenyih camp, Lenggeng camp and KLIA Depot immigration centre, are UNHCR document holders. However, he is not able to obtain all of their UNHCR Reference number. He requests UNHCR to check their UNCHR Reference number. As much as collected identities of Rohingyas detained on both days are;
1.Mohd Ayub, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/01043
2.Mohd Jamil, UNHCR Ref: No.05/ROH/01011
3. Mohd Sayad, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/00738
4.Salim, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/00666
5.Abdul Shukur, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/01568
6.Yusuf, UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/05639
7.Habib Sayed Hussin, UNHCR Ref: No.05/ROH/01150
8.Mohamad, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/00407
9.Mohd Jalal, UNHCR Ref: No.354-06C-02214
10.Nobi Hussin, UNHCR Ref: No.354-07C-00031
11.Ms. Rosmary, UNHCR Ref: No.03/MLS/03017
12. Noor Kamal, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/01086
13. Sulaiman, UNHCR Ref: No.354-03703018
14. Mohd Shaufie, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/03200

15.Sulthan and his wife Ms Hahtizah, UNHCR Ref: 05/ROH/00587, detained at Lenggeng detention camp. Body numbers 10143 and 10150
16.Mohd Hassan and family members; Hussein, Ms. Karinah, UNHCR Ref: No. 05/ROH/00337
17. Ustaz Din Mohamed and his wife Ms. Nur Habah, UNHCR Ref: No. 04/ROH/01534
18.Mohd Ilyas and family members; Ms Zura, Mohamed Ali, Ms Zaleha, Mr Mohd Yunus, Mr Ajid, Ms Arfa, Ms Zarina, Ms Khalida, UNHCR’s File No-04/ROH/00571
19.Ms Toyubakhatu and family members; Mr fayed Ahmed, Ms Noor Aishah, Fatimah(one year old), UNHCR’s File No- 04/ROH/00526, detained at Semenyith detention camp.
20.Ms. Amirah and son Mohd Arafah-9, UNHCR Ref: No.05/ROH/01574, detained at Semenyith detention camp.
21.Ms Hamidah and son Johara-3, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/01020
22.Ms Zumabi and family members; Mr Mohd Zaman, Mr Mohd Esup, Ms Show Fiya, Mr Abdul Rahman, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/00645

23. Ali Ahmed, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/02102 and his pregnant wife-Ms Nur Zan,UNHCR Ref: No. 354-05C-01129. Despite both of them were detained at KLIA immigration detention camp, Ali Ahmed was transferred to prison after one month detained in KLIA. His wife was transferred to Agile detention camp of Terengganu after 45 days in KLIA where she gave-birth a baby when her husband was handed over to trafficker in Malay-Thai border. However, she was released by UNHCR intervention after 16 moths detention both in KLIA and Agile camps.

24.Rashid and his wife Ms Shahida and 4 children

25.Habiburahman @ (Habib), secretary of MERHROM, UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/00571, had been punched and kicked by Rela officers. He was detained 45 days in KLIA (KLIA Body number:A4-497) and sent to Ajil detention camp of Terengganu sate.
26.Harun, Information Secretary of MERHROM, UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/00544, was aslo kicked at shin and knocked over the head by Rela officers. His KLIA Body number is A4-491.
27.Mohd Hafiz, EC member of MERHROM, UNHCR Ref: No-03/ROH/00377, was brought back to immigration lock-up from Ajil detention as a result of his complaint against immigration officers. He was kept nearly one month in immigration lock-up and sent again to KLIA detention. Six months later, he was transferred to Ajil detention then he got UNHCR’s assistance which took 18 months for his release. He was released for removal from Malaysia.

28.Monir Ahmad, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/01676
29.Mohd Aesop, UNHCR Ref: No.05/ROH/00779
30.Ali Akbar, UNHCR Ref: No.354-04C-06602
31.Mohd Yunus, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/02183
32. Omar Hakim, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/01618
33.Abdu Razak, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/00067
34. Nur Mohamed, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/00699
35. Mohd Yakub, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/00701
36.Mohd Nur, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/00701
37. Abdu Razak, UNHCR Ref: No.05/ROH/00031
38. Mohd Salim s/o Kholil

39.Ms. Shunobi d/o Abdu Shukur
40. Ms. Salaymebi, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/00645
41.Ms Sakinah d/o Kabir
42.Ms Zorinah, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/00586
43.Ms Ayashabi d/o Sayed Ahmed
44.Ms Nur Zan, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/00526
45.Ms Nur Haba, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/00590
46.Jahangir, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/00144
47.Aashar Meah, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/00590 and his son Abdu Rahim,

48.Ustaz Ali s/o Nachora Zaman
49.Nazimuddin s/o Ustaz Ali

50.Ms. Abidah, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/00674
51.Ms. Zuharah d/o Abul Kalam

52.Nurul Hakim s/o Fayas Ahmed
53.Adur Raman, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/00526
55.Ms Nur Fatimah d/o Abu Taher
56.Abu Thar, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/00297
57. Ferus s/o Mus Hmsha
58. Ms Lal Banu d/o Habi Raman
60.Ms. Anu d/o Mokolob
61. Ashorof s/o Azid
62. Abu Taher s/o Abdul Aziz
63. Abu Talagkha s/o Abu Taher
64.Mohd Ismail s/o Kurban Ali
65. Ms. Anjuna s/o Mohd Shukur
66. Mohd Karim s/o Ali
67. Rashed Ahmed s/o Sayed Ullah and his wife Ms.Shahidah d/o Amir Hussein.
68.Mohd Ghani s/o Mohd Amin
69.Ms. Nuri d/o Ahmed Karim
70.Harun, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/00697
71.Hashim s/o Esuf
72.Enos s/o Dil Mohd
73.Mohd Sha s/o Sulyman
74. Mohd Habes s/o Mohd Sultan
75.Ms. Ronzanbi d/o Ayub Ali
76.Zahid Hussein s/o Abullati
77.Hussein Ahmed s/o Abdul Kader
78. Mohd Bashirullah, UNHCR Ref: No.354-07C02922
79. Mohamed Jaafar, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/01030, Lenggeng camp body No. 01626
80. Eliyas s/o Lukman, Lenggeng camp body No.10146
81. Mohd Hashim s/o Esup, Lenggeng camp Body No.10149
82. Mohd Salim s/o Kasim, Lenggeng camp Body No.10148
83. Nur Kamal, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/0108, Lenggeng camp Body No.10120
84. Shukat Ali, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/01261, detained at Kajang Prison
85. Abdu Shukur bin-15, UNHCR Ref: No 03/ROH/00590
86. Mohamad and his son Mohd Hassan-9, daughter Nur Aakis-6, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/01047
87. Muslim s/o Khalil Ahmed and wife with 5 children
88.Ms Siti Aminah-47 and daughter Nur Aisyah-12, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/01599
89. Sayed Hussein-11, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/00674
90. Ikbal and pregnant wife with daughters Ms. Nasimah-4 and Hafsah, detained at Semenyi camp
91.Ms Anuara

92. Ms Banu
93. Ms Aminah, UNHCR Ref: No.05/ROH/01574
94. Ahmed, UNHCR Ref: No.05/ROH/01406
95. Nuramin, UNHCR Ref: No.05/ROH/00034
96. Abdul Shofi, UNHCR Ref: No.05/ROH/01100
97. Mohd Hassan and his son Nur Man, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/01262
98. Mohd Ali, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/00830
99. Ms Aminah, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/00830
100. Muslim Shah, detained at Semenyi camp
101. Ms Waris Khatu( her 3 Children left un-arrested), UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/02653
detained at Semenyi camp
102. Ms Aminah, UNHCR Ref: No. 512-04C-00847 (KLIA immigration detention camp)

3 November, About 60 Rohingya refugees including children, old men and women were arrested by the Malaysia authorities in Klang valley of Kampug Jawa. Authority hunted Rohingya dominated area from 3:30am up to 5:00am. All of these Rohingyas are recognized refugees of UNHCR. They were taken to Seminyih Immigration Detention camp,

15 Dec, 18 Rohingyas recognized refugees arrested by the Immigration Department in Pasar Meru of Klang. All of them were registered with UNHCR and taken to Seminyih Immigration Detention camp. Some collected identities are;
1.Md Jamil s/o Md Nasim, UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/01389
2.Abu Sayed s/o Abu Toyub UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/00407
3.Sayed Nabi s/o Hassan Ali, UNHCR Ref: No.05/ROH/00511
4.Sirazul Islam s/o Sayed Hussain, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/02243
5.Mohd Yunus s/o Abdul Ghani UNHCR Ref: No.03/ROH/00822
6.Mohd Rafiq s/o Abdul Majid UNHCR Ref: No.05/ROH/00612
7.Mohd Salleh s/o Mohd Monumiya UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/02422
8.Mohd Tayub s/o Azumuddin UNHCR Ref: No.05/ROH/00979
9.Mohd Zubair s/o Azi Rahman UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/02391
10.Osman Ghani s/o Rustam Ali, UNHCR Ref: No.04/ROH/03049

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