researcher James,

By regardless of the different plight, while frontier quarters paved to overwhelm a tempo-status in the host, the various violations took place in the part of refugees’ lives, and the equal treatment of the right to eligible for resettlement process is yet to be met.


The frontier UNHCR was doing little by neglecting its mandate to tackle longstanding Rohingya refugees by refusing under UN protection. It makes false impression, devastation, like UNHCR was not doing its jobs. Its process for Rohingya refugees is being same results in long time ago and now, it is not respecting the current situation. Therefore nothing was done except frustrations.


And actively accessing migrants for refugee status by issuing UNHCR ID card, and processing through relocation to destination country. Certainly, it makes hard to understand the situation of the refugees.


UNHCR particularly against its mandate, mission and violates its right to protect the same refugees in the same manner. It leads ultimately the intentional violates the human rights of the refugees. However, Rohingya is the most oppressed group in Burma and they can’t enjoy like others and they are not recognized like others.


In the other hand, US president George W. Bush had seek to provide assistant by changing its restrictions relevant to material supported groups. But it has yet to reflect for unfortunate Rohingya refugees. It is against towards American’s compassion, tolerance and humanity as the largest resettlement country. It means that all of restrictions are targeting to vulnerable Rohingya refugees.


Beside, resettlement countries replied that UNHCR itself can be considered in the context of resettlement quota. Our countries accept refugees regardless of race or religion and also serious in helping UNHCR. But, they are not determiners of the refugees.


Moreover, in the meeting between UNHCR and host government: “All of refugees may are set to return home following a peace deal between the government and rebel there”.


While UNHCR has lack to approach a truly Universal Convention’s proposal that the refugees (who were forced to leave) faced penalizing as illegal and other violations, can the status be sure through international obligation are met? Instead, we are facing illogical informing without any logical reason as :


UNHCR’s illogical thesis;

Non-Rohingya refugees are likely to be resettled in European countries, as Rohingyas are Muslims and there are Christians.

Chin community is very active and they got a strong network team.

Some numbers of resettlement affects concerned by the causes of 9-11 post.

We are doing our utmost to protect and assistant genuine refugees.

They are closed to Malaysia, the process would be soon.

Resettlement is always determined by resettlement countries, not by UNHCR.
We are unable to breach our office policy.

Rohingya refugees had not claimed resettlement, before.

There is some a great hope in the marked of the first major political change in 50 years and much hope Rohingya refugees. Something going to be changed for Rohingya.


But, do you think in the principle of resettlement process required to have a good net work team? Then, never be happen that if the process of local integration would be overwhelmed, and the need in signature of process;

All Rohingya refugee detainees should be release unconditionally from detention center.

Various arrests made by enforcement authority may not apply on Rohingya refugees unless committed the crimes.

The fundamental needs of medication, schooling, traveling to others, and others obligations should be applied equally.


Beside of that process, whether local integration is widely use as resettlement or not, the rest of un-affair Rohingya refugees in Malaysia should be passed to any 3rd country if they had reasons for no condition or not closed , in order to ensure their obligation. Due to home country rulers denied them and had announced that :

 1) In Nov 2003,.. Malaysia Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Alber had been concerned about Rohingyas but Myanmar Government is not willing to accept and Embassy of Myanmar Counselor U Khin Maung Lynn said that Rohingya is not among from Ethnic groups and infected from Bangladesh in 1970s.

2) Burma citizenship law denied citizenship to member of Muslim minority in Arkan State, generally known as “Rohingya”. (according to a join statement release by six independent human rights expert on 04 April 2007, NST).

Have you see some welcome words in the following articles for refugees?

We have to think firstly that how long the host can allow illegals by hosting. Thus, the host followed its rules of clarification of illegals and had having announcement continuously as follows;


Minister of directed by government said, “Don’t to quote international law to Malaysia.” in the meeting with our head officer Dr. Volker Turk. (Source from malaysiakini, 15 Dec 2005)


In the announcement by Enforcement Director Dr. Ishak, “Illegal immigrants (included recognized refugees or asylum seeker under embark by UNHCR) would be subjected to arresting, (jail including whipping), detention or deportation”.(Source from Stars News, P-22, 16 Jan 2007)


Malaysia has no signatory to any agreement concerning refugees which mean do not recognized UNHCR asylum seekers or refugees.” “Malaysia is like other United Nations Member Countries, do not recognized UNHCR’s power.” (Source from NST, P-2, 02 Feb 2007)


We are happy in if the UNHCR here had their own camp, they provide shelter, funding.. and promise to repatriate the refugees.” (Source from malaysiakini, at 09:18 am, 15 March 2007.)


Refugees have become a perennial problem for us, anybody who comes into the country without proper documentation will be consider illegal, we have more than our fair share, they should be relocate to a third country, the fact is we are not signatory to 1951 or 1967 Refugees Conventions, we have called the Agency, US came to see, where they can absorb, they will..”(source from NST, P-8, 18 April 2007)


Kota Kinabalu: “Sabah has rejected a federal proposal to issue permanent resident status to thousands of Filipino refugees (who claimed as victims of civil war in the Philippines in the late 1960s), in the state.”

(source from NST, end of June 2007)


Foreign Minister said, “we won’t recognize refugees,.. a view to escape hard-ship in their home country”

(source from NST, in Nov 2007)


Ministry department of directed by the government said, “O.., illegal one, our office do not work for illegal,”

(when some of political officer or consultant from the various embassies approached for refugees’ issues)


Auxiliary Police Unit (Rela) director Zaidon Asmuni said, “If talking about human rights, can’t talk about security. Illegal migrants are enemy no.2, No.1 is drug.”

(source from multimedia in an interview on Dec 2007, http://www.iht.com and others)


Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said, “ for illegal immigrants, we have to deported over 100,000 since 2000. Such problems existed in Peninsular Malaysia with the Rohingya issue. Previously, we discussed with the United States who accept a few thousand Rohingya to their country. Malaysia hoped to discuss with other countries to help take in the stateless people. We understand the fears of the local people.”

(source from http://thestar.com.my, 20 June 2008)


Imm-13 permit, it does not entitle them to become a PR or citizen. No country or state would like to see their population demography change in such a short time from the admission of illegals. For who comes in illegally, we have to deport them. That’s all. What kind of punishment can we give? If enforcement officers don enforce, all the enforcement officers can be charged in court for not performing their duty as prescribed under the law.”

(source from New Sunday Times, P-12-13, 17 Aug 2008. From Questions & Answers with Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar)


Deputy Home Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung said, “Malaysia is not a signatory to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Convention on Political Asylum,” in replied to a question by Datuk Ibrahim Ali. (Source from NST, P-18, 28 Nov 2008)


Regarding Memorandum by Peaceful Assembly by Rohingya refugees, in an interview by press-tv, UMNO Division Chief responded, “UNHCR must tackle its refugees and have to send to resettlement country.”

(source from www.presstv.com, 05 Dec 2008)

NOTE: The reported numbers of detainee Rohingya refugees in 2007 and 2008 would be available at this e-mail: thesailnews@yahoo.com



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