Advantages On Refugee Status

researcher James,

13 Burmese refugees had been released by payment, in Kg. Cheras Baru, Jalan Kuari, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 0n 12 Jan 2009.

13 of Burmese refugees were identified as Rohingya refugees, involving unregistered refugees. Following to one of them, while  they were taking food in the small food-shop,  the raid had approached as a local by motorcycle, 4 immigrations by proton saga car (MY-3977) and 4 Rela forces by proton waja car (BDL-5071), at Malaysian local time 22:15pm, of the day. Rela forces used to guard them and immigration had started asking.

“Firstly, one of immigration ordered to off all of hand phones and not to show UN card, and to show IC or passport.” He added.

In his thesis, he had explained that they all are Rohingya refugees living here since over a decade and they had only UN card, and then they need help. Thus, immigration replied that “we don’t recognize UN card, and ok, we will help you, but you all have to take out pocket-money.” After immigration had collected 1800-RM from them, they had been released, kindly.

2 of this 13 also double confirmed that they know them well. In the New Year on 01 Jan 2009, in the morning, 2 families were arrested by Rela and Immigration forces by using a van car, and released by 3500-RM payment, those authorities were 3 of them but using different vehicle, a van car.

An activist said, “they are lucky for however they got released. If not they have to languish in detention center to center and deportation to uncertain authority, like before. And UNHCR would refer its cases to unconcerned government immigration, is being long-term reaction and terrible plight for refugee detainees. As we know well about, how many of numbers were being detained and sold to traffickers and how many were saved or released. Finally, they would be received a sorry-word. I want to say here, Rohingya is the worst in both home land and the host for UNHCR does not recognize them as refugees. If not, why they cases are not referred according to its mandate, and giving various illogical reasons. ”

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