Rohingya Community in Malaysia has sent a compassion letter to us, as follow;……


We, on behalf of Rohingya Burmese people, would like to thanks Americans showed on presidential election, which is cleared that the American people have no discrimination with ranks or race. This is why Obama was elected as president. Thanks and hope again for American leading world’s leader in refugee resettlement.

But, for the consequence of 9/11 post, some restriction was adopted in resettlement quota for security reasons. Again in FY 2004, refugee Admission program, Mr. Ken Baccon had repeated President Bush’s performance that unfortunate and unfair refugees must be understood in the context of September 11. It means those refugee groups are believed to be material support groups to.

While resettlement to signatory country is being an important safety net for Burmese Rohingya refugees, other signatory countries also reluctant to share humanity through this obligation. It is because of restriction at the world’s leader in resettlement country.

However, secretary of state Colin Powell had called for commitment of compassion, tolerance, humanity. Thus, some of non-Muslim refugee groups had been reflected by the will of changing restriction. Whereas, we Rohingya refugee are being isolated and marginalized from our obligation. We are not getting benefits from decades based refugee conventions.

Moreover, in coincide of playing double standard roles by Muslim refugee names were putting the ‘bin’ word, while UNHCR is acting as a main actor for refugees.

Therefore, once Obama was elected and acting as a world leader as well. So, we hope that there would adopt a legal resolution on emotional restriction. It would be mostly appreciated in sharing humanity.


On behalf of Rohingya refugees around the world

Arakan Rohingya Refugee Committee (ARRC), Malaysia

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