“letter to Reveal the Truth”

 a letter to reveal the truth, sent by a refugee activist………………

No One Can Hide The Truth”


First of all, there are many different plights in the world. However, who flee for fear of persecution by own government in own land, is a different plight. This measure of plight would not be present into other issues.


The world know that as the issues of refugees hosting in Malaysia and facing various violation by refugees including inhumane physical abuses and mis-advantagement on vulnerable status , is neither new nor today. It is clear if we look at Malaysia has not signatory to both of Refugees Convention, and therefore recognized and considered as illegal.


Since Burmese rulers did not recognize and accept as its own people, where they will be sent or handed over if they were detained. Whereas, UNHCR has adopted in later of 2006 and in its operation stated that if authority arrest and detained the refugees, UNHCR gave them full interview and those that passed were eligible for relocation to 3rd country. It called and made refugees to spent more in horrific condition. However, Rohingya Burmese refugees were isolated from this opportunity and they were not received this benefit.


If its operation is workable and in use if we look into the procedure of resettlement process, please look into the number of detained refugees and why its policy does not apply equal for Rohingya Burmese refugees. Rohingya Burmese refugees therefore they have to choose consently only a way of deportation. But, where? To whom? And how?


Following international laws, refugees can’t be deported to persecuted territory, and or to different land. And the host country has no policy to detained more than four months in covering the costs. Thus, Rohingya Burmese refugees have been handed over to traffickers ( may called service provider). As legal immigration deporting refugees by illegally, theses ways is benefiting for government immigration officials by receiving 300 to 600-RM for each.


If we needs more probes, lets allow refugees to speak freely under protection based. May I say here that humiliations, arrests, detentions, are being taking places in a major part of their lives. If we and service providers and custody are here and there, no more probes require.


While UNHCR is presenting as a main actor for refugees, we hope UNHCR will provide all records and reveal the truth.

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