8 Rohingya Burmese Refugees Arrested In Malaysia

 researcher Theng,


8 Rohingya Burmese refugees were arrested by Rela and Immigration raid, on 18 Jan 2009.


According to the source, Rela raid including immigration had lifted 200 of different migrants, from Subang Jaya, at about 1:30 am of the day. They were mostly Indonesians and Burmeses.


The source also added that “about 30 of them are Burmese reufgees and 8 of them are UNHCR’s recognized ID card holder Rohingya refugees. Before they arrested and lifted by lorry, some of them had been kicked and beaten by Immigration and Rela, as a result of showing UNHCR ID card and request to consider humanitarian ground. They would be sent to Malacca detention camp, due to overcrowding in Semenyith and Lenggeng camps.”


Mr. Habib, general secretary for Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization-Malaysia (MERHROM) said, “they would be released as DG of Immigration Dt’ Mahmod had confirmed the release UNHCR’s recognized refugees, in a meeting with UNHCR top officials and ten of refugee representatives from Selayang, in Putrajaya office, on 14 Jan 2009. If it is appreciated well, no refugees would be held in detention centers, any more.. At the same time, refugees community hopping the release of refugees from detention centers, instead of the process of deportation. This is an important and must be done without further delay, while it is a global concern and as Malaysia has urged to intervene in many different global crisises.”


He added again that the release of its refugees would not be delay for further requirement like body number/ (or) UNHCR ID number, while refugees remaining in detention centers and UNHCR has a good corporation. We had well experience that missing some lists in sometimes. The time, I personally detained, my name was not found there when our president had approached to concern quarters.


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