Burmese Refugees Face Arrests And Abuses Continuously In Malaysia

researcher Theng,

About 100 Burmese refugees were arrested by Rela raid including immigration, in Klang Market, on 29 Jan 2009.

Reportedly by Klang community, the raids started at 3:30 am early morning and about 200 migrants were arrested and some had been faced physical abuses, then lifted to Rela station Klang by municipal lorries. But, some were released by payment. After completion of statement in Rela station, they were brought to KLIA detention camp.


According to community’s addition, exactly 15 of UNHCR recognized card holders and 14 of unregistered Rohingya Burmese refugees were involved. And amongst who faced abuses, Mr.Mohd Arab (UNHCR’s file No. 05/ROH/00296), had been beaten and laid-down on the ground, by Police. For his escaped by hiding in Telecom office, suddenly a police saw him and beat seriously. Now, he was admitted in Hospital Banting, Klang.


Community also confirmed that they had informed through UNHCR’s hot-line during the raids, and sent email again before taken to KLIA camp. But no reaction was done like before, but they were put into KLIA detention camp. After that, they had also sent by fax their exact names and UNHCR’s file numbers.


According to the source, presently 40 of Rohingya Burmese refugees were held in KLIA, they had been put since 3 months ago. They are under way to sell to trafficker, but now the process would be delay or quick a bit while Malaysia was accused.

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