Burmese Refugees Arrested In Malaysia

Researcher Theng,

Burmese refugees were arrested by Rela raid from Meru-Bazzer, Klang, on 10 Jan 2009.

Reportedly, they were identified as Rohingya minority from Burma.  Five of them are recognized UNHCR card holders and others were undocumented Rohingya refugees.

Following to community from Klang, “the raid started about 4:00 am morning, about 20 refugees were arrested. But we received only ten. We had also informed to UNHCR through UNHCR’s hotline, but in vain. And no reply or commitment was done. Now they were lifted and detained in Langcap camp, Perak state. Arrested on the Last 4thFeb 2009, were remaining yet in KLIA detention camp. These are new system to clarify refugees. And unbelievable that how Director of Immigration and UNHCR’s deputy chief play and promised the released of refugee detainees. Is it necessary to learn as double standard role?”

“Currently, about 1,000 of Burmese refugees are remaining in various detention centers. But, UNHCR –Malaysia made a show on the 5th Feb 2009, by getting release of a very few numbers of 28 recognized refugees, it was also occasionally. But, Agency had excused by saying sorry to refugees’ languishing between slavery and horrific condition since  decades. Thus, its policy must be faired and all refugee detainees should  be treated in equal status.” Said Mr. Habib, secretary general for  Rohingya Human Rights (MERHROM).

He also added, “ Protection Officer must maintain from its shame-able records in protecting refugees. We condemn on such officer’s asking majority support against refugees’ protection, denying to pave equal treatment and equal process amongst the refugees, and creating misunderstanding by instigation amongst the refugee groups. Such kind of resistant should be removed urgently from humanitarian field.”

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