Six Burmese Refugees Arrested In Malaysia

Researcher James,

Six Burmese refugees were arrested by Immigration and Rela raids, from Kajang, on 20 Feb 2009.

They were identified as Rohingya minority from Arakan state, Burma. Reportedly, “one of them was UNHCR card holder refugee and the rest are hopping for UNHCR’s registration as new registration of Rohingya refugees was closed since Dec 2005. Whereas, treatment in UNHCR-Malaysia  policy was a different to Rohingya refugees only. In recent year 2008, UNHCR registered 17,000 of others refugees, but Rohingya refugees were not reflected such opportunity and remaining yet hundreds of boat people refugees in undocumented status.”

The report also added, “the raids started at 1:30 am of midnight. In the raid, immigrations were came from KLIA and Rela from Sepang. The raid used oxy cutter to cut the lock of the door. When refugees seek humanly manner, in-charge of Immigration said that humanly discussions were left in the meeting, we don’t practice and therefore no more allow illegals.”

An activist has called to UNHCR needing to urge to Authority to practice according to its statement submitted in Geneva program of UPR by Malaysian Foreign Minister’s Secretary. That statement cleared that refugees would not be faced any more arrest or detention when they are not committed crime.

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