Unwanted Refugees: Rohingyas in Malaysia , International Agency UNHCR: Part To Practice Illegal Assembly Act

Today, Mr. Habib, a general secretary from MERHROM had sent a serious letter to us, as below;

Dear Colleagues,

Today  morning 10:10 to 10:40 am,  we united , 7 Leaders from all of 7 different  Rohingya Refugees Parties in Malaysia (which representing 20,000 Rohingya refugees), had approached to submit an open letter to UNHCR’s new representative Mr. Paul Allen Vernon.

On our approach, head of a security officer Mr.Ibrahim (local) came out and said, “no officer from UNHCR want to see, you all have to leave, I will passed  to police is what I have to do.”  He also declared that more than 3 persons are considered as illegal assembly in Malaysia, thus he has to pass to police to arrest under illegal assembly act. We, 7 leaders were surprised on international agency UNHCR allowing its officer’s called to practice illegal assembly act, while human rights campaigns are trying to abolish such act.


These are considered as misuse of the power and UNHCR does not willing to corporate in proper way through ignoring its right to response on communities’ representations.  We had also asked for any of international staff to receive our letter, either.


In fact, according to UNHCR officers’ demand by various ways, therefore,  about 500 Rohingya refugees were gathered on 03 Dec 2008-led by area based representatives, the same numbers again on 21 Jan 2009-led by All Burma Democratic Force, and this is 3rd time by 7 leader of All from different  Rohingya Parties.


"7 Leaders of All of Rohingya Refugees Are Watched by Police and Security forces"

"7 Leaders of All of Rohingya Refugees Are Watched by Police and Security forces"

Do you see which way would be better for the next?  We would be welcome yours suggestions for the betterment of refugees. Here is our open letter as follow;



His Excellency Paul Alan Vernon


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Kuala Lumpur





Dear Sir,


Regarding above, we under signed organizations hereby state that the plight of Rohingya refugees in Malaysia is well-know to the world as it is the only long-standing problems in Malaysia, beside Pilipino refugees in Sabah .


Based on the meeting of February 13, 2009, we are very much hopeful that you are going to adopt new policies for the Rohingya refugees in order to find permanent solution to this long-standing problem.


We also hope that the treatment of UNHCR to our refugees would be as equal as others in times of registration, refugee status determination, resettlement, protection and other refugee facilities. We believe that you will deal all of our organizations as equal representatives, which will pave a role of peace and harmony. In case of separate dealing, the internal conflicts will take place against humanitarian goals.


According to your information, UNHCR Kuala Lumpur registered 17,000 new refugees and resettled 6000 to signatory countries in 2008. Such processes were run in the previous years up to 2007, and thus, the information really made us crazy as no significant figure of Rohingya refugees were included in these numbers in every procedures of UNHCR office.


However, the fate of the unfortunate Rohingya refugees in Malaysia could be changed under your kind auspicious; in giving priority to the rest cases of Rohingya as the situation materialize to find solution without further delay.


As per our commitment, we would not like to see back that what happened in the past and commitments that given by the various representatives of UNHCR in previous years. As is it year 2009 and the year is dedicated to see real change in solving global crises as early as possible.


In these regards, we hope your kind responses in order to step forward for seeing the welfare of Rohingya refugees and the UN Refuge Agency, in finding urgent solution to the plights of Rohingya refugees through relocation to signatory countries, while the Obama Administration confirmed that the United States will consider the referrals of Rohingya refugees.


Of the plights of Rohingya refuges in Malaysia, the followings are in need of urgent settlement without any condition and thus we believe that You will look into the matters as soon as possible.

1.      Rohingy refugee detainees both of UNHCR recognized and undocumented are languishing in the most difficult situation in various camps. They are under way to danger of serious prosecution. So, UNHCR intervention is urgently needed for them in order to set free from detention, prosecution, and chance to meet international protection that accorded in ‘non-refoulement’.


2.      Refugees are victimized in most times of weekend and between 4 am to 8 am, when office operation remain closed. During this time, hot line provides a little service in getting arrest report only. Thus, refugees have to meet in untold suffering in the circle of arrest, medication and unavoidable human nature like delivery cases, death tools, accidents and etc.. Therefore, your good office should engage special staffs in assisting refugees for such vulnerable cases.


3.      As per your recommendation on 13 Feb 2009, there should have a trust building process between UNHCR office and Rohingya refugees towards a safety net of realistic materialization, according to procedure as per progress. So, the Rohingya refugees’ cases for relocation to signatory country will be highly appreciated in term of permanent solution.


4.      The current, outflows of Rohingya refugees are well-known to the world bodies whose protection are highly recommended by international community and world leaders. Therefore, the UNHCR office should consider its formal registration for Rohingya refugees like others non-Rohingyas which will be helpful in adjusting with previous years.


5.      Due to non-recommendation of UNHCR documents at all quarters of Malaysia, particularly in hospitals and work sectors, refugees are facing numerous difficulties for their medication and survivals. Therefore, the UNHCR should set up free clinic services for Rohingya refugees like others.



We look forward for hearing from your good office.


Sincerely yours,


        1)          Haji. Mubarak,                                                         


Rohingya Information Center (RIC)         


        2)         Haji.Sheikh Ahmed


 Rohingya Information Center (RIC-ABIM)


3)           Mohammad Sadek


Arakan Rohingya Refugee Committee (ARRC)


4)                      Saida


,Organization of Refugee Rohingya Woman, Malaysia (ORRWM)


    5)                   Mamedullah


      Community Rohingya Islam Pro-Democracy Organization (CRIPDO)


   6)                            Mohd. Jalal


       Organization of Rohingya Stateless in Malaysia (ORSM)


7)                  Habiburahman

                         Secretary General

        Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization, Malaysia (MERHROM)

 Contact person ( Habib : +(60) 12 2595185 )




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