Appeal For International Intervention To The Plights Of Desparate Rohingyas.

Mr.Habib, a representative of Rohinya community in Malaysia and member of Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization-Malaysia, had sent a letter to us, as following: 

Joint Statement:

Date : 03 March 2009

Appeal For International Intervention To The Plights Of Desparate Rohingyas.

We under signed organizations are deeply concerned over the plights of Rohingya and role of ASEAN nations as their plight require international intervention without further delay.


Fact that Rohingya is an indigenous ethnic group of Arakan, which was a separated region until Burma’s 3rd emperor in 1824, and it was neither falled into part of British nor Burma.  Later, although Arakan falled into Burma, its ethnic Rohingyas were not recognized by later Burma rulers, as well as, trying to label them as Bangali when government failed to materialize non-Muslim state. However, it is undeniable history that the Rohingyas have rooted in Arakan since 7th Century AD.


In every power transition periods, the Rohingyas were victimized by various means. Widely in later 1962 military coup of dictator Ne Win, Rohingya became the most oppressed group in Burma and some others minorities as well. And it would be remained until genuine federal democracy system were formed rather than changing with people elected government in Burma. Whereas, UNHCR deal a little with the Rohingya plight since 1992. After loaded as a regional problem for its neighbor countries, it was discussed in  ASEAN’s 14th summit, Hua Hin, Thailand, on Feb 27 – 1st March 2009  .


We are very much thankful to host authorities for hosting us unavoidably against their legislations. We also acknowledge that unless having a proper legislation, acception like in the past and present in country of refuge, will not be paved protection for them and it will be closed to violate.


Based on our decades long experiences and gaining uncertain situation in some countries of refuge, relocation into any signatory country is only a way to find permanent solution. We know that the role of ASEAN could close in decreasing various conflicts in the country. But, to remove the doubt of ASEAN or its member states’ commitment could bring proactive achievement for the entire Burmese people, is required to substitute with people elected government. 


Therefore, ASEAN member state should hand over the refugees to concern agency UNHCR, as well as, to practice International Customary laws. And Rohingyas are in need to be recognized as refugees from Burma on their unexpected arrival into various regions,  while Rohingyas were branded as unidentified people in Burma.


Thus, we extend our continuous encouragement of urgent intervention by resettlement countries, as an only essential step that required to  international solution for their long standing problems. We have also received refugees’ personal testimonies for resettlement process. Their rights to meet with safety net process through relocation to signatory country, which would not be violated by unworkable regional dimension.


This statement is endorsed by:


Sincerely yours,


1.Rohingya Information Center (RIC)              

2.Rohingya Information Center (RIC-ABIM)

3.Arakan Rohingya Refugee Committee (ARRC)

4.Organization of Refugee Rohingya Woman, Malaysia (ORRWM)

5.Community Rohingya Islam Pro-Democracy Organization (CRIPDO)

6.Organization of Rohingya Stateless in Malaysia (ORSM)

7.Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization, Malaysia (MERHROM)


Contact person ( Habib : +(60) 12 2595185 )



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  • hafiz  On March 3, 2009 at 9:00 am

    thanks to the ” the sail”.please every news for rohingya …please let me know.

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