Palestinian Refugees Demonstrate In UNHCR-Malaysia

Researcher James,

Today 19th March 2009, about 30 of Palestinian refugees had demonstrated in front of UNHCR, Malaysia.

Photo of Palestinian Refugees Seeking Equal treatment In UNHCR

Photo of Palestinian Refugees Seeking Equal treatment In UNHCR

Demonstration was started at 9:00am and ended 12:00pm (local time). The group also included children and women.

One from the group said that they had been spent up to 2 years in Malaysia. Except they received a registration from UNHCR, they did not receive any facility like assistance, protection or process of resettlement. That is why they have to hold demonstration.

He also added that they had held demonstration for 3 hours long under police watch as no officer from UNHCR response for their approach. Finally, they were informed to corporate in coming next month by the security head officer, Mr. Ibrahim (a retired police officer form the Royal Police Department).

“Beside this,  vulnerable Rohingya refugee 4 families are seeking survival assistance from UNHCR, one of them are a widow with four children under 14 years old who also showing referral  letter of vulnerable certification by community,  were expelled out from UNHCR and then  letting them to continue seeking beside UNHCR premise under unprotected sky.” One of them talked to The Sail.

“Meaningless of the role of UNHCR is here. No officers are looking into their genuine matters, even by new representative Mr. Allan was in the office. Humanitarian officers do not respect referral letter of community and failed to visit to some vulnerable, at least. This is clear that how UNHCR’s officers breached their promise to work together with refugees community. This is the worst that professional officers practicing discriminatory role against refugees. They don’t want to solve the matter according to Refugees Conventions.  But, like to put global concern. Sometime such officer may say to solve their problems require intervention by stakeholders. A way is that UNHCR or UNHCR identities should be surrendered in such role. “ an activist said.

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