Afghan Refugees Demonstrate At UNHCR-Malaysia

by researcher james,

About 150 of Afghan refugees demonstrated in front of UNHCR, today.

Demonstration was started at 10:00 and ended at 11:30am, after UNHCR’s head of security officer Mr.Ibrahim promised to pass to representative to look into their demands. Most of participants were children and holding play-card of   ‘We Need Future’.

while they waiting along beside premise of UNHCR, for UNHCR response

while they waiting along beside premise of UNHCR, for UNHCR response







One of from the group said, “there are Taliban militants, government forces which can’t protect own people and foreign troops in Afghan. These are endangering to our lives, we will be killed if we back. We can’t go back without guarantee of protection. But, there is guarantee of war only.”

“Each of us had been given a registered letter by UNHCR-Malaysia, only. Some of us have up to 7 years. Where are our protection, food, shelter, medication and education for children. What is the role of UNHCR and UNICEF.” He added.

Beside this, The Sail met a Burmese refugee activist, he quoted that he came to learn that how this refugees group hold nearly two hours demonstration unless permission from special branch or the Royal Police. And he need to clarify that only Muslim refugees have problems, is why?

A police force sincerely talked that “we police have to allow them to claim their rights from their concern quarter, since international concern UNHCR and refugees are hosting here. But, we ensure that they are not committing violations. And we have to look into, even though we failed intervention of the role of UNHCR.”

“I may say that this kind of activity is professional and proper way for refugees, and so important to become global concern, while frontier office had ignored their diplomatic approaches and kept silence on their problems. If the UNHCR, is a true regime for all refugees,  what problem to practice in equal treatment and finding solution for refugees. What kind of role do it has?” Added by a Burmese refugee activist.


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