UNHCR Role & The Fate Of Burmese Refugees

researcher Theng,

A Rohingya Burmese refugee, Ms.Arafa-27 (a mother of 17 old baby), was killed in Kg.Jawa, Klang, 27 March 2009.

Following to a related family member, the victim was robbed value materials and cut the neck by local group, between 16:30 to 17:00pm (Malaysian local time),  of the day. It was happen while her husband at work and falling heavy rains. The victim body was taken to hospital for postmortem. And buried in cemetery Kg.Cheras Baru.

( Note: accrding to their belief The Sail was not allowed  for a picture of the victim body.)

In Penang state, about 200 people were arrested from central market area by Rela and police forces. And they were lifted to Police station, Patani road. Amongst them, about 30 of UNHCR recognized Rohingya refugees were got release by bribery payment between 700 to 1,400 RM. The rest, mostly refugees were remaining in police lock-up, for not completing payment.

Creation Tension:

An activist from Penang said, “this is not a strange issue for refugees as at the moment UNHCR hosting polices forces from Brick-field and special forces in near its premise, to threat refugees. Hosting polices according to UNHCR demands, was started since 20 March 2009 for 24 hours, only conspiracy to show the world that the results of threat by refugees.”

Picture was taken while Police forces Hosting near UNHCR

Picture was taken while Police forces Hosting near UNHCR


Police became angry and felt like tension, thus a police who duty in guarding UNHCR explained that he did not understand the policy of why guarding UNHCR premise. And some vulnerable families including widows were passed to police handle.

“The refugees who seek assistance were deprived from their rights by such behaviors. We face a tactic encouragement by new representative, was terrible and shameful in humanitarian field.” Activist added.

“Some civil dressed police forces started searching of area based refugees representatives, especially in Cheras and Serdang. As the forces understood that refugees made them unrest, while local authority not dare to involve into international agency affairs. Since we, activists active in freedom of movement and right to seek, UNHCR recommends to arrest.

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