Rohingyas in state of danger

A R Arakani, USA, from mayu press

Rohingyas residing in Arakan are virtually in a situation of angst and ambiguity. The discernible instigation by callous military regime and its execution by hardnosed Maghs has slowly been shredding innocent lives in different places of Muslim area. It is consistently a shifting strategy of Burmese regime while international and regional pressure escalates for their crime against humanity and campaign of horror.

Within last century, few hundred thousands of Rohingya have lost their lives for
religious and ethnical identity upon “divide and rule” policy of chauvinist Burmese in Arakan of present Burma. This heinous machination of Burmese propagandists has permanently split two major sister communities of Arakan who have serenely lived side by side for many generations.

The first large scale of barbaric massacre against Muslim Rohingyas was carried out under direction of Takhin Party leaders and its Rakhine collaborators namely U Aung Kyaw, U Tha Zin Hla, U Pyinya Thiha, U San Kyaw Aung etc in March 1942. Rohingyas who have witnessed the carnage awfully describes ineradicable reminiscences that have taken score of innocent lives including infants and disables.

While independence was foreseeable in Burma, the conspiracy of ethnic cleansing was deluded during lawless and chaotic situation to completely exterminate Rohingya Muslims so that Arakan will fall under permanent outpost of Burmese colonialists. By and large the Muslim massacre was ruthlessly conducted with the mindset of total annihilation or Rohingyas will remain an eternal headache and their religion will be unending threat to Buddhism in future Arakan.

Upon the withdrawal of British forces from Arakan in 1942, the militant Maghs had simultaneously started deadly onslaught against Muslim Rohingyas. It was certainly pre-planned and cold-blooded massacre that completely depleted close to 300 villages in addition to about 200,000 lives. The properties and valuables were plundered and seized. The villages were turned into graveyard, the playground turned into silent killing field, the natural river turned into blood river, the Muslim majority area turned into Muslim minority area and Muslim minority area turned into Muslim vacant area whilst dividing Arakan into two: Buddhist south and Muslim North.

Again, the Burmese Territorial Force executed horrendous rampage and pillage against Rohingya community soon after gaining independence in 1948. Their brutalities still vibrate the conscience of every living Rohingyas whereby thousands and thousands tearfully fled into then East Pakistan present Bangladesh. That horrible operation was organized with the ultra motive of separating two sister communities upon the pretext of co-religion as such Arakan will permanently remain under domination of Burma.

The successive Burmese regime is time and again mobilizing the nationalist Maghs to
attack powerless Rohingyas by providing arms and ammunitions while Muslims are left bare-handed. The Muslims are even ordered to surrender knives, choppers, daggers, etc used in preparing daily food whereas boat-load of firearms and lethal weapons have been supplied to local Rakhines with training. The additional restriction of movement and confinement on Rohingyas, closing of mosque for Muslim congregational prayer, deployment of fully equipped soldiers and the unusual activities of paramilitaries and border security forces including armed Rakhine adults are somehow indicating that the imminent bloodshed are under plan against natural victims “Rohingyas” in Arakan.
Rohingyas are sleepless and defenseless under full of fear and insecurity in their home.

Rohingya Muslims have spilled numerous bloods on Arakan soil. Their young and
old were mercilessly slaughtered, their infants and children were drown in flowing
river, their girls and women were butchered after raped, their lands and properties were plundered, their villages were devastated and they were made homeless and stateless. Yet both hardhearted Maghs and Burmese are blood-thirsty. The upcoming water festival may turn into blood festival so that they can purify themselves with blood of inculpable Rohingyas for NIRVANA.


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