Burmese Refugees Arrested In Malaysia

Researcher James,

Dozens of Burmese refugees were arrested from Penang state, on 16 April 2009.


Four of them were identified as UNHCR’s recognized Rohingya refugees. They were arrested by immigration at 7:00pm of the day, but two of their children were not lifted together to detention custody. Currently, they four and others have been detained in Juru Camp, Penang state.


According to the reliable source, the refugees who can’t pay money were lifted by immigration. The immigration also said that official pass which issue by immigration department is only to protect refugees from clarification of illegals.


“In Ajil and others detention camps, undocumented refugees were facing again disposing into human trafficking under repatriation act. Last week, about 50 of Burmese refugees were handed over to trafficker in Malay-Thai border. Since Rohingya refugees plights gain international attention, no refugees were face deportation and no signal of trafficker in border till end of March 2009. Some detainee refugees had been faced brutalities for their seeking to meet protection against immigration’s disposing under repatraition act. This is cleared that immigration department and trafficker hold again bilateral agreement to receive official benefit, on the weak point of ASEAN’s anti-human trafficking and while refugees agency delay in intervention. If not, how traffickers dare to continue such trafficking in the region of between these sovereign nations,” the source added.

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