Domination Of Kidnapping in Malaysia?

 Researcher Theng,

A Burmese refugee was kidnapped by four locals from Taman Pertama, Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia, on 17 April 2009.


the victim Ata Wellah-32

the victim Ata Wellah-32






The victim was identified as Ata Wellah and UNHCR recognized refugee (UNHCR File No. 512-04C-02384). According to him, he was kidnapped by four Malays at 12:30am (local time) while working in a tea shop, Taman Pertama. Firstly, he was assaulted by knife from behind by two persons while the other two waiting in the van car. Quietly, he was followed into the van and tied up, and then lifted into one storey wooden home in Selayang Old-Market area. Then, demanded 25,000 RM, as the kidnapper believed that his owner and relatives will save the victim.

“During this UNHCR office was closed till  20th April 2009 and no reply was received from hot-line. The next day the victim’s relatives reported to Police Station, Cheras. The victim relative explained everything and passed the kidnappers’ hand phone number to police. After police received strong sources and recorded kidnapper’s sounds demands RM-25,000, the victim’s relative was instructed as plan by police forces, again and again the time reached to midnight. But, every appointments repeatedly made by kidnappers, was changed as the plans which made by police forces were believed to be leaked to kidnappers. When the victim’s relative was in interrogation in police station, police had recorded that the kidnappers threaten in tele-communication to the victim relative that they will kill if absence to pay the amount and they added that they will not do this job if they afraid Malaysian government or authorities, and this is their profession job,” following to the victim’s relative.

“Similar in the second day, but police received bank account number as kidnapper asked to put into the account. Police forces also talked that they knowing where the kidnappers are but needed physical appearance and significant. But, no alternative way to catch the kidnappers was found till dawn. That resulted the victim’s relative prepare way to home. Thus, operation by police was also rest. Unfortunately, the kidnappers call the victim’s relative to pay cash amount, and his calls to police were not pick-up. Finally, they managed to save the victim by RM15,000 cash and other to be put in debt.  Tactically, they change with money from different area and the victim was dropped beside the road,” added again.

The victim said, “he had reported to UNHCR for further deal as he has to settle the rest RM10,000 and the amount RM15,000 paid by his employer. But, officer from UNHCR said that the agency can’t help anything including protection for him. And proposed to stay far.”

The Sail found the victim with a lot of scars hit by knife, and tortured almost 3 days until settled the amount. The Sail also received another source of kidnapping of a famous Burmese Businessman, he was kidnapped from Penang state, who has several Burmese shops therefore, demands RM 1 million . The truth could not be discovered due to no one could be dared to report the truth while fear of reprisals or certain feed-back  is under way.

“This is terrible for all, they jack to who have money, how police branches work on this, they can’t be caught even found address, telephone number and bank account number,” said one of the business man.

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  • Julia Arnot  On April 27, 2009 at 4:43 am

    UNHCR Cheif Mr. Antonio Gutter must look into the matter of his office in Malaysia. UNHCR in Malaysia is tarnishing the image of UN Refugee Agency, empowering robbers, bribers, kidnappers, hijackers and etc. through the engagement of Local Malaysian staffs.

    We American people need to see Mr. Gutter’s efficiency in this regard without further delay.

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