A Real Story Of A Refugee Resettled Into Cemetery

Researcher Theng,


A Burmese refugees was settled in cemetery, Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia.



Photo of Md. Faizal-48

Photo of Md. Faizal-48



The person was identified as Md.faizal (UNHCR File No. 512-06C-00001). He was sick and suddenly admitted to hospital, Pandan Mewah, at 1:30am, on 21st April 2009, and passed away at 10:20pm of 22nd April 2009.


Medical report found long term storage of malaria and heart diseases.


His sister who came to see from Penang state said, “he was arrested by Rela on 05 Aug 2007 and detained in KLIA camp for 45 days and then transferred to Ajil camp, Terengganu state, where he met with UNHCR process of protection after 5 months of detention in Ajil camp. During his detention, he had explained to UNHCR’s officer that his feeling sick and not suitable with his health condition.”


“But, according to UNHCR process of protection through relocation to signatory country, he has to wait up to two years for qualification of resettlement. Thus, he spent the duration determined by UNHCR. Fortunately, his health condition worse made him released during 20 months of his detention,” she added.


“Even though he was released by UNHCR’s intervention with a commitment of resettlement to United States of America, he did not meet medication or check up for his worse health condition, and assistance of survival or shelter. That resulted to pass-away him. Rohingya Refugee Community referred her to UNHCR to assist to solve presented medication fees about RM-2,000 and funeral fees. However, she had faced untold problems for those fees to complete the funeral,” she continued.

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