Burmese Refugees Face Violations In Malaysia

researcher James,

According to reliable source,

on 27th April 2009, at 10am (local time), 11 Burmese were arrested by Immigration, from KNM workshop, Pelabuhan Kuantan, Malaysia.

One of them is original work-permit holder and the rest are Rohingya Burmese refugees. Among them, 4 were identified as UNHCR card holder refugees: Jamal Hussein, Mohd Ishak, Monir Alam, Sayadul Boshar. They were detained in Kemayang camp, Kuantan.


Again from Nalai-2, Seremban state, about 50 migrants were arrested by Immigration and Rela raid. About 30 of them are undocumented Burmese refugees and one of them was identified as UNHCR cord holder Rohingya refugee and detained in Lenggeng camp.


Reportedly, last month about 40 refugees from Juru camp-Penang and last two weeks about 30 refugees from Ajil camp-Terengganu, were handed over to Malay-Thai agent by Immigration official. The source also double confirmed that undocumented about 20 refugees from Ajil camp were handed over to trafficker by immigration official on 28th April 2009. Of them, 10 were Rohingya refugees. Their name and body numbers are: Abdullah-447, Md.sayed-443, Ayub-418, Nur Saw Fa-448, Nur Saw Fa-445, Abu Siddiq-444, Md.Yusop-442, Abdu Kayum-441, Madaw Rahman-187, Nur RA Man-183.


Before they way to deportation, all were faced physical abuses by immigration for their seeking protection against disposing into human trafficking. On of them, a Mr. Maung Khin (Ajil Body No.30), was beated brutally by immigration and put into separate cell.


All of these reports had been submitted to UNHCR office in Malaysia, officer asked the victim’s detention body number, while refugees were not allowed to visit or contact,” said a victim’s relative.

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