Army destroys and burns hill cultivation plots in Paletwa

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Friday, 01 May 2009 22:17, kaladanpress


Paletwa, Chin State: A special army operation of the Light Infantry Battalion (LIBs) 234, destroyed and burnt hill cultivation plots in Paletwa on April 28, in the afternoon, a source from Paletwa said.
The hill cultivation area is situated on the upper side of Kaladan River, Noebu village, of Marainwa Village Tract, Paletwa Township, near the Burma-Bangladesh border.
The special operation claimed the area was not suitable for security and cultivation, which the Marainwa army camp had given the villagers to cultivate. The villagers have been working in that place for some years now. 
The special operation destroyed and burnt the hill cultivation areas along with huts, seeds for cultivation and some cattle.
“The area has been used for a long time as a hill cultivation area and also the area the army allowed to cultivate, but now the army have destroyed and burnt the cultivation area, where we hill people have been working for our survival,” said a victim of the burnt hill cultivation area said.
The destroyed hill cultivation area was owned by U Htun Tha (51), U Aung Pan (49), U Pru Htun (55), and U Kyaw Tha (58). All of them hail from Noebu village.
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