Malaysia Must End Brutalities and Respect Non-refoulement Rule for Refugees

From NDPHR (HQ) 34-56/09

Date: April 30, 2009, Press Release

Malaysia Must End Brutalities and Respect Non-refoulement Rule for Refugees

We at the Department of Refugees & Humanitarian Affairs of the National Democratic Party for Human Rights (NDPHR) exile – Headquarters based in USA express our deep concern over continuous handing-over the refugees and asylum seekers from Burma to uncertain agent in Malay – Thai border under illegal removal act.


We are also extremely shocked over inhuman behaviors of Malaysian authorities towards the victimization of oppressed Rohingya refugees by various means and ways, while their plights of refugees are still remained as most marginalized. Their protection are kept pending in detention custody for uncertainty periods. Although the plights of Rohingya gained international attention in relating to recent ill-treatments towards their boatpeople, the case is being kept behind the bar even such allegations were halt till end of March.


The international concerns made the ASEAN leaders to solve this crisis in its summit and later in Bali – Process but failed to bring any substantial and fruitful outcome at all. Despite taking concrete policy to resolve the plights of Rohingya permanently, Malaysia is visibly involved in Darfur and Palestine crises which are far distance from Southeast Asian Regions.


We felt very depress for host countries’ continuous discussion to repatriate the only Rohingya refugees into origin of persecution like before. And its ignorance of substitution of people elected Government brought the failure of both ASEAN and Bali-Process even repeated again and again. Therefore, the Government of Malaysia should not forget the rest option for Rohingya refugees to resettle in a third country in continuation of finding permanent solution.


Being a member states of the United Nations Human Rights Council and influential states of ASEAN and Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), Malaysia has been involved in continuous violation of human rights against the oppressed Rohingya refugees.


Recently, we received clear evidences that both documented and undocumented Rohingya refugees were arrested from Penang, Johor, Terengganu states, and forcibly handed over to the trafficking agents along Malaysia-Thai border, after sentenced to 4 months imprisonment, while undocumented Rohingya refugees had been charged to one stroke of whipping.


We are repeatedly confirmed that in March, dozens of refugees from Juru camp, and in 2nd week and on 28th of April 2009, dozens of refugees from Ajil camp, Terengganu state, were officially handed over to trafficking agents, violating the non-refoulment Act. Some, who sought protection against deportation into uncertainty, were brutality abused by immigration officials. Of them, one Maung Khin (Body No. 30, undocumented refugee), was severely beaten up and put into separate cell for continuous abuses.


In our point of view, these kinds of treatment and disposition under deportation act by immigration officials are really tarnishing the image of Malaysia, holding in Darfur and Palestine crises.


We, therefore, at the Department of Refugees & Humanitarian Affairs of the NDPHR (exile – HQ), urge upon the Government of Malaysia to halt all inhuman treatment against Rohingya refugees and to observe ongoing situation in detention centers in order to eradicate ill-treatments against Rohingya refugees and to show transparency to the promise of Tan Seri Musa Hasan, the Inspector General of Police and new Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak.


We also request the Government of Malaysia to respect non-refoulment rule, while becoming true advocate for the plights of Rohingya refugees, in ensuring their human security and basic rights to Citizenship with a view to find permanent solution.


Department of Refugees & Humanitarian Affairs

National Democratic Party for Human Rights (exile-HQ)

State of Wisconsin, USA.

For further information, please contact:-

Kyaw Soe Aung (alias) MSK Jilani (Tel: +414-736 4273)

Myo Swe (Tel: +414-671 6309)

Copy to:-

–          Office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia

–          Headquarters of the Department of Immigration Malaysia

–          Director General Office of Immigration, Malaysia

–          State Immigration of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

–          UNHCR Representative, Malaysia

–          Bar Council of Malaysia

–          Ibu Pejabat Kontinjen, IPK Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

–          Royal Malaysia Police Headquarters

–          Office of the Minister of Home Affairs

–          Embassy of Malaysia, Washington D.C., USA

–          Consulate General of Malaysia in New York, USA

–          The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia

–          Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram)

–          Tenaganita

–          US States Department

–          OIC – Headquarters

–          (JUST) International Movement for a Just World

–          Permanent Observer Mission of the OIC to the United Nations

–          South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)

–          Asian Human Rights Commission – AHRC

–          The ASEAN Headquarters in Jakarta

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