“UNHCR Mis-use Police and Rela Forces”

researcher Theng,

Today about 12:30pm (local time), Police and Rela forces arrived by lorries, jeeps, and patron-cars in UNHCR office in No.570, Jalan Bukit Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



During this, no authorities had look into the account of why refugees approach to UNHCR, while local authorities are not dare to take action on international agency UNHCR. But, active in prosecution of international concern refugees.


Following the matter, there is a meeting between UNHCR and leaders from Rohingya parties to hold discussion on resettlement of marginalized Rohingya refugees. As policy of UNHCR, this meeting is drawn finally to discuss about resettlement after several months meeting that fruitlessly passed by discussion in other concerns. These may be considered as conspiracy to drive away from their rights.


As our eye watch, daily at least 300 refugees are approached to UNHCR office for their individual matters of extension date, assistance, medication, report and new registration. Occasionally, they were facing forceful expulsion, threaten, comination like today, no matter how serious you.


According to a refugee representative, Rohingya refugees would not be approached to UNHCR for assistances if UNHCR itself has declared officially that ‘UNHCR would not work anymore for Rohingya refugees or UNHCR is not agency for refugees. Why our genuine cases were marginalized?  While resettlement countries accept refugees by UNHCR’s referral, humanitarian officers mischief over us and paving uncertain way to  miss from our rights. Finally, Protection officer Alvin Gosaga,  withdrew the meeting to show disturbed by refugees. Is it corporation of UNHCR? The truth should be revealed here as what evidence they got. Otherwise, would take action  against defamations.


A woman activist who refuse to be named said, “UNHCR’s new representative Mr.Allan Vernon has not made any actual step of solution for Rohingya refugees except exploitation by holding fruitless meetings while monthly at least 500 of non-Rohingya refugees were resettling without any discussion or meeting. Rohingya refugees are yet to receive mandated refugee card as they were neither given mandated refugee card nor treated like non-Rohingya refugees, while UNHCR is the only determiner of refugees.”


“Ironic in Mr. Alan’s mis-ordered to his security head officer Mr.Ibrahimm Amin to deal all matter by Police and Rela forces, was occurred. As, the humanitarian offices believe that such kind of defense system will drive them away from UNHCR. Beside this, UNHCR-Malaysia is trying to to solve Rohingya problems in alternative way by dealing with leaders of ‘Jihad’ group, who are serving under Mr.Azam, former president of ABIM and chairman of newly founded Future Global Network (FGN). Concern quarters therefore, should look into the matter urgently to halt from such activities before empower to unscrupulous  group in Malaysia. Hard to believe these all but actual happening whether you believe or not. If not, why UNHCR hold the talks with Mr.Azam in last week and what logic does Azam has and why. How the FGN raising the fund and their practical achievement of the goal rather than artificial progress, should be investigated,” she added.

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