by researcher James,

Being victim of human rights violations from Burma, an undocumented refugee was refused to register with UNHCR by postponing without set fourth as no more new registration for Rohingya refugees since early 2006.

However, he approached to UNHCR in every 2 months from the year 2007 but achieved nothing. During this, he  had been arrested and sentenced with punishment of one strike for failure to show documentation, after spending 6 month in detention which is comparatively longer period than illegal immigrants; and finally deported to the place of danger.

After all, he came to known that UNHCR card holder is exempted from caning charged and thus continued to approach to UNHCR until the year 2009. But failed to meet with any fate, even getting recommendation letter from community. However, he is still hoping better that the new Representative will make chances for undocumented refugees.

 Although, he received an appointment token, dated in April, after he approached week to week from Feb to May 2009, his token was taken back by UNHCR officials without any reason and referred him to go to community data collection.  It’s sure that none of the Rohingya community organization is received official letter to collect data for new registration and thus such referral  is leading to further exploitation wisely and it is office’s manual jobs.

Recently, he was again arrested from Ampang Tasik Permai with unfortunate fate.

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