Burmese refugees Arrested By Malaysian Authorities

Researcher Theng,

Yesterday 6th Aug 2009, about 41 Burmese refugees in Kg.Padang, Masai area, Johor state, were arrested by Malaysian authorities.

They were identified as Rohingya Muslim refugees from Burma and arrested at about 2:30pm from Cemetary compound, Kg.Padang,  Masai, Johor state.

The source from Johor confirmed that about 100 of Rohingya Burmese refugees were rounded by authorities during they back from cemetery after finished of praying in cemetery. They went to cemetery to pray as they had absent the last night on 5th Aug 2009, is special night (Lai-La-Tul Barat) for religious praying in Islam. Although half of them were escaped from the raid, 41 of them were arrested. Of them, about 19 are UNHCR card holder refugees and others are undocumented refugees. They all were lifted to Pekan Nenas detention camp, Johor.

The source added, “this is the first time arrest in cemetery area, may be intentionally arrest on Rohingya after 9 of Immigration officers from Johor were held relating to human trafficking. Authority’s formal sympathy on oppressed Muslim refugees is being inhumane treatment, including cane whipping of poor Muslims refugees. Also in KLIA detention camp, most of detainees were punish one to three strokes while concern quarter’s intervention is lacked. However, according to Islamic Laws, cane whipping is applied only for who committed crime like illegal sexual intercourse.”

An activist said, “although spacemen today discussed through term of durable life in the space, God given rights and specific condition are yet to be met in the earth.”

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