Facts Implication of Inhumane Exercises in UNHCR-Malaysia

This report sent by Rohingya community in Malaysia. And pointing that ‘thanks for The Sail’s providing space for our reports’…………….

Saturday morning Aug 22, 2009, two Rohingya refugees were choked and suddenly laid down to the ground during their gathering for new data collection system in UNHCR. And both were lifted to Hospital by ambulance.

The accidents were happened from gathering of thousand of undocumented Rohingya refugees at outside of UNHCR as only Saturday morning is opened for them.  Most of them were marched before mid night and early dawn as their approaches to fulfill with certainty of registration.


New registration of Rohingya refugees is closed since early 2006, whilst the agency has continued mobile registration for non-Rohingyas under corporation of various communities. After flooded pressures from communities, following internationally related to new boat people, and Geneva consultation workshop, UNHCR itself had step finally to register Rohingya refugees. Likewise, ironic in UNHCR exercises 200 per daily registration and issuing registration letter for other VIP groups in St.Joseph Church, Sentul-KL, is started before two months from data collection of 20 undocumented Rohingya refugees per day on Saturday only but issuing nothing. However, why UNHCR collected data again is proving how the agency’s collaboration by denying over submission lists of data collection.

undocumented Rohingya refugees await  early dawn

undocumented Rohingya refugees waiting in early dawn at out side of St.Joseph Church, Sentul, KL


As per our studied, the agency has partially dealing only with its partner like the Rohingya Information Centre (RIC), a part splited group. But, the agency highlighted to support people as people supported refugees committee. Although the RIC’s occasionally corruptions proved in time of during Imm-13 process and new registration under ‘Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia’ (ABIM), UNHCR occasionally allowed again to RIC to pass daily 20 undocumented Rohingya refugees to UNHCR, regardless of argument  to open gate system new registration.

Usually, after 3 days of RIC’s corporation with UNHCR from 30th July 2009, filed with several cases of corruptions, the agency discontinued with the RIC. Rights based community and other groups had criticized over UNHCR’s staffs involving or UNHCR’s allowing such activities.

It caused UNHCR move open gate system registration in the same Church but started only data collection with limitation as 100 persons per day, since 11th Aug 2009. Because of unavoidable outbreaks occurred there on 13rd Aug 2009, stopped again there and moved finally to UNHCR. According to office policy, it was continued up to 29th Aug 2009.


The process of data collection and analysis may be following to one of a 10 point plan of action. However, it is remained as unworkable as the 10 point action was revised since Jan 2007 and again discussed in Geneva consultation workshop in the end of July 2009. Therefore, no identity is issued to them. Those results, at least ten were arrested during their way of back from UNHCR on 15 Aug 2009. Again, about 10 persons on 22 Aug 2009 and 20 persons on 23 Aug 2009, were arrested by Rela. But, no referral letter or intervention was made in remanded days. They would be linked to languish in punishment as they did not receive any kind of documentation issued by UNHCR.

photo of how they were...

photo of how they were...



some are waiting from outside

some are waiting from outside

 We are very confused to accept UNHCR’s way of practicing discrimination, therefore, let us focus about recent arrival of Rohingya boat people refugees in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Their arrival in those regions was reached to eight months but none of them received any documentation from their agency UNHCR. Why and what happen to UNHCR? If the process is not so quick, how non-Rohingya refugees were getting resettle in signatory countries within less than 9 months duration.


We Rohingya community hope to use Your liberty through advocacy and intervention to reinstall equal sharing and equal treatment as international agency UNHCR and its current policies might not be violates its instruments.

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