Kartika Issue Could Make Regret or Lesson for Malaysians!

Reported by James,

In recent week, a Malaysian part time model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, descendent of Tengku Mentri Ngah Ibrahim, was put on the van to be sent to the jail and to receive her punishment. Later hard that she would be faced caned, but after the fasting month.

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno pauses during an interview at her father's house in Sungei Siput, about 300km (Photo: Reuters)

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno pauses during an interview at her father's house in Sungei Siput, about 300km (Photo: Reuters)

As the first woman in Muslim society, to cane or not to cane she has become the focus of public attention. But, some high ranking officials quiet for it will be the country’s history to be caned for drinking. It will shock for Malaysia and Muslims world as well.

She was subsequently brought to a Syariah Court for she was caught drinking by the religious officials during her vacation in Cherating, two years ago. If it was met, she would be faced fined RM 5,000 plus six strokes of rotan.

However, to cane or not to cane is an issue between the perpetrator and God, therefore, such commitment should be served with kind advice instead of physical punishment.

Some other belief that the Judge’s role over her case may make regret or lesson for Malysian Muslims. Indeed, it would not lead to a lesson or regret in modern society as every authority know and all Malaysians must remember that the country is practiced Malaysian Laws rather than Islamic Laws. But, most quarters misuse the Islamic terms and norms but it is a quite different from Malaysian Laws.

This fact may point that no court or judge has right to punish upon her course in social contribution. The practice may not be violated Malaysian Laws in general and UNDHR-Art-22 as well.

Develop nation may enjoy its every part of its people’s right to enjoy for social purpose will be practiced. In term of an exemplary for the nation may not be with her.

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  • Anis  On September 3, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    As for me, I strongly agree with the caning punishment towards Kartika, albeit some people are considering human rights for this issue. It is very sad to see that even Muslim people are against the punishment as if they do not fathom and never concede with Syaria law which is totally based on what has been promoted in Islam. I don’t see a reason why we should back up Kartika for drinking beer. She should have realized in a very beginning that as a Muslim, drinking is forbidden. So why in the world she did it?! It’s clear that it was her mistake and as a lesson to herself and to the other Muslims as well, the punishment based on Syaria law is a good solution! And now, Kartika is ready for the sentence and she even wanted to go through the punishment in the public so that it could be a lesson for all but why people started to fight for her??? The caning is not a kind of violence as what people thought. In Syaria law, the procedure for caning punishment is much better compared to civil law, if only people know about that. Frankly speaking, it’s better off to be punished in the lifetime rather than being punished in the hell. People who are against the sentence made by Syaria court seem like they don’t have deep understanding about Islam yet. They are not sensitive about Islam even though they are Muslims. If they still want to hold affirm on human rights standpoint, I can assure that more and more Muslims will be drinking as they wish without a need to be scared of punishments. As a result, Islam itself will be looked down by other religions and the bad attitude of Muslims is just like an insult to Islam. As a matter of fact, the issue of caning towards Kartika shouldn’t be a big issue as the menace has admitted to be guilty and the punishment is coming up. But the only thing left is just a right time to implement the execution. The delay was attributed to Ramadhan as the person who is going to do the caning execution is a Muslim and he feels he should respect this holy month and that was why he decided to delay the punishment until Ramadhan is over. So Kartika shouldn’t be worried as the time for the punishment will come at the end of the day come what may. There’s no need to be in a hurry. If she has realized for all of her mistakes, Allah is always there to forgive her. My advice to Kartika is that, use this holy month (Ramadhan) to ask forgiveness from Allah and it’s only Allah who knows what is in people’s hearts and He is the only One who can change things. Allah is the Most Graceful and Loving. He would forgive anyone’s sins unless if the person believes something beside Allah and if the person has never sought for His forgiveness until the death is coming.

  • Aman  On September 9, 2009 at 3:14 am

    I am agree with Anis’s suggestion.

    Side by side, I would like to make some question that do you think Ms.Kartika was arrested alone. If not, where are the other and who are they and why so long trail about 2 years?

    How do you think if she would be a foreigner? When I was detained for the same case, all my high ranking friends were released. Shortly, the situation in the detention custody is totally not suitable for human beings and especially for our Muslims. Why such religious gang pretend as unknown to the matter. Why they never visit to there? Are they not human and your Umah?

    Wrongfully, such kinds of questions may exactly refer to point with Malaysia or the country laws.
    Once you could clear that what laws is practiced in Malaysia, Ms.Kartika might be pardon.

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