Escalated List of Rohingya Refugees Arrested in Year 2009

By James,

Please click to see “Escalated List of Rohingya Refugees Arrested in Year 2009”  Escalated List of Rohingya Refugee Detained in Year 2009-PDF

This is only escalated list from Rohingya organizations and the numbers could be more in fact because many were not reported nor, escalated.

For example, a group of Burmese refugees about 60 persons were deported to Thai-border from Pekan Nenas detention camp of Johor in July 2009. One of them was a Rohingya, Mr Liyakat said about dozen Rohingya refugees were involved in the group. He was arrested from a restaurant where he worked in Kulai-Johor in Feb 2009.  During deportation Immigration told them, “we are not selling you, you all are free now and you couldn’t make complaint anymore because we had video record of not handed-over to the agent”. He said that it was true that immigratio had not sold them but the trafficker agent’s people awaited us and captured us in Thai-side.

The Sail committed to escalate more details..

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