Unravelled Situation of Rohingyas In Malaysia

Researcher James,

About 1 hundred of Burmese refugees arrested in Malaysia during January and February, 2010.

According to area base refugee representatives, most identified as UNHCR card holder Rohingya refugees. And arrested;

20 prs from Puchong on January, 2010,

13 prs from Selayang on 25th feb, 2010,

50 prs from Selangor Pasar on the second week of Febuary, 2010

15 prs from Cheras on the end of Febuary, 2010. And sent; Selayang group to Lenggeng camp, Cheras group to Ajil camp and the rest to Ajil camp.

“They are being upset for the leaders are not willing to raise this issue nor interest due to having unravelled dialogs between authorities and refugee leaders. It’s interaction only and responsible for dissemination.” Said Harun.

Mr.Habib expressed, “my criteria in Malaysia were not too much difference from home but no initiation of assistance and render received. For the result of unworkable engagements which rely on the host and exclusion of refugees’ instruments, the dimension for Rohingya will not be worked.

He noted that the past leaders of Burma quoted that Rohingya is their but subjected as internal, minor matter. Today, similar indications recur there. It’s bad-tempered that Rohingyas in Malaysia face distortion like separation from international solution and un-separation from overall recognition.

His frustration is that while dissent planning was Rohingya themselves to pave integration into possible society, he faced detention 6 times and deportation in 4 occasions as well as physical abuses and security threats by authorities. He said that theses all were aired and published.

“Protection of Rohingya refugees was relied on the host’s commitment therefore I finally like others headed to Australia in search of a safe territory as a refugee and approached into possible society as pave as’.” He added.

On Sept 2009 to Feb 2010, total 43 Rohingyas landed by 4 difference boats. They are well treated and enjoyed their rights.

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