Statement on the 22nd Anniversary of the “8888” Democracy Movement in Burma

Press Release……….
Ref: NDPHR (USA) 34-60/ 10

Date: August 08, 2010

Today, we mark the 20th Anniversary of Burma’s 8888 nationwide uprising and democracy movement all over the world. The “8888” people’s democracy movement is an important and legendary event in Burmese political history as well as it is the tradition of all Burmese people who

demanded to end military rule by marching in the streets of Burma in 1988.

The “8888” nationwide pro-democracy uprising is the biggest and ever first people’s revolutionary democracy movement demanding the establishment of democracy and genuine political reform in which from all walks of life the students, the monks, the youths, the government workers, teachers, hospital staffs, custom officers, the intellectuals, and all other suffering Burmese people involved and expressed their desire. It also remembers the hundreds of thousands of civilian people who were gunned down by the military forces during the 1988 uprising.

On this date of the 22nd Anniversary of Burma’s 8888 democracy uprising, we honour and pay tribute to our brave and patriotic compatriots who sacrificed their lives and blood during the 1988 democracy uprising for the establishment of peace, justice, equality, genuine democracy, and people’s representing democratic government in Burma.

The unjust and illegitimate Burmese military junta SPDC has been manipulating and brutalizing over 55 million nationals of Burma since decades ago. The SPDC military junta did not honor the results of the 1990 general election only, but also unilaterally forced-rallied, coerced and

imposed a military dominated national constitution through their mighty arms capacity, which we completely disapproved and flatly rejected. Now, the country” Burma” is under serious in crisis for the willful mismanagement and corrupted policies of the Military SPDC clique. Woefully, the military regime ignores the social, public health, education, economics and humanitarian crisis of the country and fails to recognize itself as the root cause of these multiple problems.

Due to the brutal behaviours of the Military SPDC regime, there are thousands of Burmese people have been taking refuge in neighbouring countries to escape crackdown, especially, young generation of Chin, Kachin, Karen, Karenni, Kuki, Shan and Arakanese Muslims known as Rohingyas under a systematic religious discrimination.

Though there have been an approved economic sanction by US and EU to restore democracy in Burma, neighbouring Thailand , Bangladesh, China and other countries, especially, Russia and India are highly encouraging to be strengthened the Military rule through friendship and business partner

rather putting pressure to respect human rights and restoration of democracy.

We, the National Democratic Party for Human Rights (NDPHR-exile) hereby let everyone know that we have never endorsed the military clique in Burma as the people’s legitimate ruling body in the past nor ever render it even a semblance of recognition in the future too. The brutal military

security forces continually persecuting its own citizens, mainly the ethnic minority groups, detention of political leaders and student activists, continuation of violation of human rights for which we strongly condemn the military junta for their crimes against humanity.

So, we call upon the International Community, particularly the UN, EU and USA to put effective pressure on Burmese Military ruler and also we reiterate our demands and call upon SPDC Military Junta;

To immediately free Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and all other political prisoners;

To unconditionally free U Kyaw Min @ Mohammad Shamsul Anwarul Houque, MP of National Democratic Party for Human Rights (NDPHR) and one of the members of Committee Representing People’s Parliament (CRPP) along with his family members;

To stop all sorts of repression, oppression and discrimination against all ethnic minority people;

We also urge upon the neighbouring countries, especially Bangladesh, Thailand, China, and India to review their policies toward brutal Military ruler in Burma to look after the undemocratic behaviours of the SPDC to help establish a genuine federal Union of Burma.

We also fervently appeal the international community; especially UN to expel the SPDC military regime from the UN membership and disapprove the fake 2008 constitution adopted unilaterally with own handpicked delegates without consent and approval of majority winner NLD and other elected ethnic minority parties in 1990 election.

In conclusion, we would like to urge all Burmese democratic forces and exile groups who are working for the restoration of democracy and national reconciliation in Burma to unite and work together until the military dictatorship is vanished and collapsed.

Central Executive Committee

National Democratic Party for Human Rights (exile -HQ)

Wisconsin, USA.

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