Spot-Raid Swept Burmese Refugees in Malaysia

By James,

The raids against poor migrants and refugees are continuing in Malaysia.

According to area based refugee representatives, the situation in farer region like Peneng, Terangganu is unstable compare to KL.
1) In last September 28, 2010, two unregistered Rohingya refugee teens were arrested in Bukit Payong, Terengganu. They are aged about 16 and 18. They both were lifted to Ajil detention camp.

2) Another spot-raid on September 21, 2010, UNHCR card holder 5 Rohingya refugees were lifted by immigration raid in Sugai Besi-KL area. The raid of that day was already reported in Malay-mail newspaper but not covered these 5 refugees. The source available at:

3) On 19th Sept 2010, another two unregistered refugee teens were arrested from bus-station in Kotabaru but the father was escaped. His father said that they are comming to UNHCR office in KL for registration of his two sons. His father’s UNHCR File No. is 354-10C-01767.

4) Again on Aug 2010, UNHCR card holder Mr.Husein (UNHCR’s File No. 512-03C-02444), a 75 years old, Rohingya refugee was arrested in Penang and lifted to prison. Because he is a sick-man, he was released from prison after one month of detention.

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