Some Burmese nationals in Mizoram may be pushed back

15 Nov 2010, burma news intl

15 November 2010: The recent rape and murder of a 5 year-old girl by a Burmese man has put people from Burma residing in Mizoram, northeast state of India, in a difficult situation. Perturbed authorities in Mizoram may push back some Burmese nationals in their respective blocks in Aizawl city.

aizawl-300x225According to ‘The Zoram Times’ the Chhimphei Village Council (VC) announced on 11 November that it would push back all Burmese people in Aizawl South II area, immediately.

The newspaper added that the villagers in Aizawl South-III, where the rape and murder took place, do not want to see the face of Burmese people anymore. They intend to ask them to leave their villages.

Similarly, the newspaper also said that “leaders of the VC from 20 villages in Aibawk RD Block area held a meeting on 10 November regarding the Burmese people. The meeting adopted a resolution that a person has to get permission from the VC and the Young Mizo Association (YMA) to hire Burmese people for work.”

The Aizawl Post said that the authorities of Mizoram state are also contemplating action on Burmese people, who are involved in crimes, as they cannot push them back and hand them over to the Burmese regime without the permission of India’s central government.

The Home Minister of Mizoram state, Pu R. Zirliana said, “We cannot do it directly from our side as there is a question of human rights. The only way we can do it is following a talk with the Burmese government.”

People in Mizoram are very angry because this is the second rape case in recent times in Mizoram by Burmese nationals.

“We are ashamed to show our face because of such things,” said a Chin elder in Aizawl regarding the rape cases.

Meanwhile, a Mizo’s women group called Mizo Hmeichhia Insuihkhawm Pawl(MHIP), held a prayer ceremony – “Black Day” on 12 November to stop violence on women in Mizoram.

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