Long Raids in Malaysia Swept Hundreds of Migrants

by researcher James,

Hundreds of migrants from Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Sri Lankan, Vietnam were arrested by several raids in Selayang baru-Kuala Lumpur, Kotaraya-Kuala Lumpur, Nilai-3 of Negri Sembilan state and Johor state of Malaysia.

A refugee representative said, "the non-stop 5 days raid in Selayang baru swept about 300 migrants. Among them, majority are from Myanmar and about 100 were UNHCR document holders and a few are valid passport holders. They were detained in a newly built Bukit Jalil Prison."

A Myanmar refugee activist who follow the raid informed that more than 100 migrants mixed from various countries were arrested by Rela and Police jointly operation in Chowkit and Kota Raya of Kuala Lumpur. The raid started at 3pm of today and a lorry with full loaded of arrestees had been moved and the rest are sitting by Rela beside the road.

He also added, "another raid also started in Nilai-3 of Negri Sembilan state where Myanmar and Indonesian people are mostly working in factories. But, he didn’t received yet about how many had been arrested. Moreover, once the authorities known the state has staged raidings over migrants, advantagement through extortions in several nooks are occurred."

Another source told that last week, about 30 persons wee arrested in Johor state and a few Rohingyas involved from their way to work.

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