ASIO security checks ‘unfair’ on Burmese

source from ABC news,

Burmese Rohingyan asylum seekers detained in Darwin’s immigration detention centre are calling on ASIO to explain why they have had to wait so long for release, despite getting refugee status.

Burmese Rohingyan asylum seekers say ASIO’s system for carrying out security checks seems chaotic and unfair.

The 14 Burmese say they were told by the Immigration Department nine months ago they had been approved as refugees subject to security checks.

The asylum seekers have told the ABC during their 17 months in immigration detention they’ve watched Afghans, Iraqis and Iranians given refugee visas to stay in Australia.

Burmese detainee Habiburahman says they have even seen people faking their nationalities given security clearance.

“Immigration has to intervene on ASIO why they are taking so long,” Mr Habiburahman said.

“Maybe they have something wrong in the procedure of their process because even some fake clients from other nationalities have already been granted visas, so if means, then how can ASIO give final clearance for those fake people?”

ASIO says it won’t comment on applications by individuals or particular ethnic groups.

It says it works to prioritise caseloads with an emphasis on compassionate or compelling cases.

Habiburahman says there are no extremist Burmese groups ASIO could suspect them of belonging to.

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