Asylum-seekers Crisis Is Not Over in Australia

By James,

I am stressed to describe the details about asylum-seeker crisis in Australia. The recent crisis in Christmas Island was shocked among Australians. It sparked from after a rejected Iranian asylum-seeker was informed by newly comer immigration officer that he could be kept up to 4 years like now.


Photo: , "Fire event in North West Point IDC of Christmas Island"


On 14 Mar 2011, immigration minister Christ Bowen said, “at 3.37am this morning the Australian Federal Police determined that it was necessary to use tear gas to quell this protest.” source:

Also not clearly knew about the current riot in Christmas Island was whether tactically paved by whom or how, in order to avoid immigration and police departments have been widely criticized for using tear-gases and beanbag bullets over unarmed asylum-seekers detained in North West Point Detention of Christmas Island.


People involved in this events or previous occasions are prolong detainee asylum-seekers who escaped from persecutions and detaining long-term in Australia for seeking protection. Their frustration with the process is critic day by day so that they are craving to get deeper attention to their cases and family left behind, due to lack of credible and accountable outcomes. That made to stage to an expression in order to get public attention. But the discontinuous of correspondence by immigration during their expression, caused unexpected outcomes..


As we know, immigration never come to know during the protest accordance with its policy and expecting for voluntarily fall down by asylumseeker-themselves. The department also responded during the protest that the such behaviour will delay or stop the process. It means the department has in placed with a technical punishment action against their right of expression. Their concern quarter immigration never came to bargain for their expression and technically blended it as protest then sending Serco staffs, unrelated and order follower contractor of detention facility. Serco staffs just usually urges to halt from any form of protesting without any engagement of claimants. Once Serco staffs can’t achieve negotiation to return to normal condition, Serco easily claimed that threatening and insulting of its staffs.

Eventually, the situation was denounced as riot and handed over to police by Serco backed by immigration planned to handle unarmed vulnerable asylum-seekers by the use of indirect threatening by armed forces. Police is also senior order follower who don’t listen to their concerns nor have experience with asylum-seekers. The deal is like that “the child will not stop from crying unless giving a sweet first.” Therefore, the protest is not discontinued. It is a visible root cause to deteriorate the situation due to lacked of appropriate engagement.


We might have pledge mutual engageable and negotiable way to ease such crisis as every case has a reason of destiny. Even though in minor cases, Serco staffs just simply eager to follow the order of DIAC and try to solve by manhandling which easily ignites confrontation or protest. The immigration is responsible for the whatever raising in detention and thus it might be eased by immigration itself.

They are desperate and vulnerable people then their freely expression should not be punished by any means. We professional and intellectual people are not back warded therefore we must solve them kindly and treat them fairly. The crisis is not over yet when mandatory detention system is uphold hereupon we should find workable and solvable way for it and politicians should be enhanced to follow the right path and to guide the crisis accurately.


The immigration is also responsible for wasting government budget by keeping people in long-term detention and expending new detention facilities. The system also creates invisible stresses among detainees and incurable mental and physical damages. As well as, it violates international laws and a serious concern for the degrading of their rights.

The Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) says asylum seekers could sue the Commonwealth for hundreds of thousands of dollars for any physical or mental harm suffered while held in detention. (source: )


Despite ASIO told at ABC news on that its process takes 66 days for now and 57 days for last year, pending about thousand asylum-seekers who are found to be refugees have been since the whole last year to now. ASIO, the spy agency is hindering or delaying bureaucratically from liberty of desperate people by pointing to security. While their contractor migration agents do not demonstrate for further intervention through judicial review rather than its scope of work.

In last year the mid of October, immigration minister promised the family and children asylum-seekers to be released into community by June but only one third have been transferred up to date while the rest are detaining in one year. Then, minister Bowen had admitted recently over the delaying matters of transferring into community by stating various excuses.


However, the government’s recent notice issued on 17 Mar 2011, calmed the situation. Now, asylum-seekers rely on the notice stating, “security checking for people whose refugee claims have now been accepted will be completed progressively by the end of April”. (source: )

If the government notice would be unworked or delayed for pending security cases, there is no grantee for any future sparks of strike or riot or how.

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