We have waited and seen enough: ASEAN must support a Commission of Inquiry

Source from Burma Partnership, July 14, 2011

Eight months after Burma’s November 2010 elections, democracy remains an illusion and sparks of war are flying

Despite the expectations of the international community, there has been no genuine progress towards democracy and peace since the November 2010 elections.

Rather, the military regime has embarked on a manipulative program of window dressing, while refusing to take concrete steps towards meaningful democratic reforms. Months after the convening of the regime-dominated parliament, 1,992 political prisoners remain behind bars and the arbitrary arrest of citizens continues to take place. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is again at risk, facing fresh threats from the regime issued against her and the National League for Democracy (NLD).

Militarization, armed conflict, and displacement have increased in ethnic areas after the breakdown of ceasefire agreements between the Burma Army and a number of ethnic armed groups. The Burma Army continues to commit crimes against humanity and war crimes with impunity, including rape, murder, and forced labour.

The people of Burma can no longer “wait and see.” In light of the last 8 months, it is clear that not only has the human rights situation in Burma deteriorated, but the military junta has shown no willingness to transform Burma into a democratic country.

This briefer explains the lack of progress since the election, in light of continued political repression, escalating armed conflict and ongoing human right violations. It calls on ASEAN to take immediate action to address these issues in its member country and set an example for the region.

Download the full briefer here.:BP-Briefing-Paper-for-AMM-ARF-July-2011

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