The Secret of Australia-Malaysia Swap Deal

 By Theng,

Malaysian government acknowledged that once the agreement was announced no one will jump-up to the boat for Australia. More than more the numbers would be less than 100 persons and it saw to receive a package of $-300 million project (about a billion of Malaysian currency).

Once there is stop boat arrival, Malaysia doesn’t need to prepare for 800 persons. In the other hand, 4,000 persons would be reduced from total flooding in its Malaysian territory. Anyhow, Malaysia will be received God’s mercy for it had spared about 512 boat-people arrivals from 7 May 2011 and also paving permanent home for 4,000 Burmese refugees particularly Christian refugees.

However, It is proved that un-signatory country Malaysia did as much as it can. As a small country, it can’t refuse the developed country’s engagements and packages when signatory country Australia does feel heavy burden with asylum-seekers. It is hypocrisy that Australian prime minister and immigration minister who currently undermine to practice intl laws say Malaysia to treat over its transfer baot-people with intl standard.

Previous Coalition party’s policy paved to far 3 year from boat-people seeking refuge  but at least they found their matters settled within Australia or in other signatory countries. Curious Labour party’s policy will pave to far 5 years to forever  from seeking refuge and letting to end up in un-signatory country. It is clear that Coalition plan was more humane than current Labour plan.

Malaysia not ready for refugees
source from,

THE first boatload of refugees destined for Malaysia has reached Christmas Island, but delays in setting up Malaysian transit centres means the refugees will spend up to a month on the island before being moved.

The navy picked up the refugees – 54 mainly male Afghans, Iraqis and Iranians and two crew – north-west of Scott reef early yesterday.

”The passengers will be taken to Christmas Island for pre-transfer assessments, pending removal to Malaysia,” an Immigration Department statement read.

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