Burmese Migrant Workers Physically Abused in Malaysia

Report from Burma Campaign Malaysia,

Ma Nan Myint Ye (PP No. A 390249), Ma Kyu Kyu Aung (PP No. A 280795), Ma Shu Tin (PP No. A 450261), and Ma Aye Aye (Pp No. M 002179) are Burmese women migrant workers who have been working at TKR manufacturing (M) SDN BHD based in Lot 11, KWS Perindustrian Tangga Batu, 764600 Melaka, Malim township, Melaka province. That company produces electronic materials which are supplies for SONY electronic・fs needs.

wounds found on the face after abused

There are over 300 Burmese women workers in that company. The workers need to work from 8 am to 8 pm, except 9:30 am – 9:45 am, 11:30 am – 12:00 noon and 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm for meal times, so that total working time is 10 hours and 45 minutes. Being working like that they earn 32.81 Ringgit per day including 3 hours overtime payments but medical leave is so difficult to be given when they are sick. As the result, when the workers get sickness and not allowed to get permission for treatment, charges will be paid by themselves and no payment for them for absent in those days. Workers need to work six days per week. There are two stories buildings built for workers to be living in. In a building there are ten square feet 32 bed rooms, in which one room is available for four workers, with 12 bathrooms. TKR constructed separated mess hall for cooking and dinning.

In that TKR factory no translation in Burmese language for Code of Conduct and only rules and disciplines are translated in Burmese language.

6 pm in the evening of July 25th 2011, when Mr. Yeo who is the agent of Burmese workers came to workers・f hostel and informed that above four workers must change their work because of unavailable of jobs in factory, so these four workers denied and didn・ft accept the changes.

Being resisting like that, Mr. Yeo swore and slashed the cheek of Ma Kyu Kyu Aung for three times so that she crashed into the wall and fell down. After that, he continued slashing Ma Nan Myint Ye・fs cheek and beat again with a stick, when she fell down he covered and continuously punched her face from the above of her body.

Then, he threatened that if you all four could not accept my arrangement, you all must to find 2,000 Ringis each to use your own transportation for going back to Burma, otherwise you would be beaten like this again if you still resist and can not find that money at all, and then he left.

wounds found at the stomach

After his leaving, these four women searched information to get assistance for their security among the workers community, and contacted Burma Campaign Malaysia on July 26th 2011. Then, an officer from BCM went to Melaka Township and met with them for questioning, and then reported and filed to police that case immediately. BCM asked Legal Aid center, Melaka branch of Bar Council Malaysia for help in which to have a lawyer for workers・f case, so that LAC accepted to handle that case and even find the place at Social Assistance of catholic group for temporary stay for workers.

Nowadays, four workers are staying there and waiting to face trial. When related labour office was reported about this case, the officer, Mr. Tunhamizan Zainal said that the case is related to police so that they are going to cooperate with them and solve the problem.

According to the above issue, we urgently urge the Women Right organizations and organizations these watch the Electronic industry Code of Conduct to cooperate and help us as soon as possible.

Contact of Burma Campaign Malaysia: 016- 2980 784/ 016-2444167

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