Total of 530,625 illegal immigrants registered for 6P Program of Malaysian Immigration

surce from Berita Harian, 8 August 2011

A total of 530.625 illegal immigrants (PATI) is registered in the whole of Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah, beginning on August 1 until yesterday, said Deputy Secretary-General (Senior) Registration and Immigration Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) Datuk Alwi Ibrahim.

He said the registration of the Total Solution program illegal immigrants (6P Program) was implemented at 206 immigration offices throughout Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and 1.934 336 counters run the company manager.

"Based on the breakdown by state, Sabah recorded the highest registration PATI with a total of 152.588; followed by Singapore, 126.094; Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (103.075), Johor (33.451), Penang (27.046), Silver (19.999), Pahang (18.390) ; Federal Territory of Putrajaya (13.400), State (13.065), Kedah (12.703), Malacca (5.842), Kelantan (2.150), Terengganu (1.761), Perlis (962), and lowest, Federal Territory of Labuan, 99, "he said in a statement.

Alwi said the government gave a stern warning to all its managers not to issue any misleading information, either to the PATI, employers, or people, especially those involving aspects of the payment.

"There are companies that reportedly charging more than RM35 package to inform that they were acting on the instructions of the Ministry.

"Consequently, the company asked to stop the action because the ministry did not change the results of the service charges to the company manager as set by the government of RM35 to RM300 for registration and bleaching, but the payment was only payable if the PATI selected for whitened," he said.

To ensure that no irregularities occur, Alwi said the immigration officer and Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will monitor the companies to comply with the rules and laws.

He said the same services provided management company also provided free by the government through the Immigration office in the country.

"Therefore, no issue of HM issued a surcharge other than those specified," he said.

Alwi said that a complaint can contact the Operations Room at the line ministry 03-8886-8110 / 8112 with detailed information for further action on the part of the Ministry.

"Warnings will be issued and monitoring will be made to the company’s operations. If it is repeated, the right permission for them to operate through this program will be canceled," he said.

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  • subahan  On January 9, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    sampai bila blh kita buta woark permit. pakerja asing

  • TESS QUIZON  On January 30, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    until when the 6p or the BIOMETRIC EXPIRED?

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