3 Rejected Burmese Refugees in Australian Detention Seek for Humanitarian Nation’s Help

By Thomas,

Australian Security Intelligence Organization-ASIO rejected 3 Burmese refugees who have been detaining up to two years, request resettlement countries to help them out from indefinite detention.

Meanwhile, now they don’t know how long they have to suffer again in this condition and what kind of solution will be placed for them. They are very worry for they would be languished again in this unscrupulous circumstances. They left no more trust over the immigration’s processes which took two years for an uncertain outcome from 90 days proper process. They also seriously concerned for they are blended as risked persons by inconsistent security checking system.

Mufis(first) and Razamya(second) from left

They are members of the world most persecuted Rohingya minority of western Burma, Arakan state. And their details are;


1)Shoef (Boat ID:VAU-2, now in Villawood detention of Sydney), who landed with 6 other Rohingyans and a Bangladeshi in Sept 2009. He is the first Burmese rejected twice by ASIO. His first rejection was in Nov 2010 and second rejection was on 28 Sept 2011 after immigration proposed him to reapply even though security assessment failed person is not allowed for re-appeal by Law.

2)Razamya(Boat ID: SEA-10, now in Villawood detention of Sydney), who landed with 11 other Rohingyans and 2 Bangladeshis in Nov 2009. His rejection was informed verbally on 22 Sept 2011 and said he could contact with IOM for return to Burma. But on 28 Sept 2011, he received official informing letter.

3)Mufis(Boat ID:SEA-3, now in Meribyrnong detention of Melbourne), who landed with the same boat of second person. He received rejection on 26 Sept 2011.

Their case manager said that immigration could able to process for transfer to another third country if they can find a third country by themselves where could national identity holder their relatives residing and they have to arrange complete management through embassy. Also said no guarantee and no time frame for the process.
Immigration also confirmed them decisively that the alternative detention option like community detention would not be available for their status and they have to wait in detention.

Despite the reason of rejection was not clearly informed to them, the official rejection letter stated the rejection was under section(4) of Australian Security Act-1979 and they have to choose another third country. They have been found to be refugee by Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia-DIAC since March of 2010 but ASIO gave rejection for their security clearances after languished in inappropriate length of detention. It means they are threat for Australia.

There is no Rohingyan posts threat for Burma or other, except they are terrorized by military. Ethnic armed groups in Burma are also protecting their people and lands while the world body failed to prevent from military’s on going war crimes.
Therefore they would like to approach from all resettlement countries particularly United States of America to take their cases and concern quarters including UNHCR, Amnesty International, Refugees International, Refugees Council and Refugee advocacy groups to came together for assistances.

It is being the case, United States of America to re-dialogue its asylum transfer deal with Australia which made in previous years because there are dozens of innocent refugees are languished in similar circumstances.

Mr Abul who live in Sydney and has good contact with ASIO staff and also cousin brother of Razamya and Mufis said that their rejection could be a reason of suspecting relating to smuggling into Australia. But it is not part of ASIO’s work.

A Rohingya in Penang-Malaysia said no Rohingya directly involved in any kind of people smuggling to Australia or else where. But a few those have in contact are for to safe their people from exploitation and trafficking. When no quarter can directly rescue the victims from such situation, nor any mechanism can stop this business.

Excusable mistakes?

The 3 Burmeses say it is modern way to deprive from their right to liberty and ironic in the process because the two Bangladeshis from the two boats who claimed as Rohingya have been granted visa earlier than the other Burmeses. It is ridiculous and it would also tell the accountability and consistency of the processes while they have lack of supports to voice out of their matters.

The government’s knowing allowing its departments to disadvantage and ignoring on going crises of inhumane, do not shape humanity.

A Burmese activist in Kuala Lumpur who declined to be mentioned his name stressed that many other similar cases were occurred and to be recurred continuously. For example;

Mr Hla Sam, who served at Burmese embassy in Kuala Lumpur from 2006, had been resettled to Australia. His status was accepted by UNHCR as a bogus husband of a Kachin women, Ms Bauk Som through Kachin community’s arrangement. It is cleared how legal passport holder and government servant had been found to be qualified.

Another one is Myanmar Intelligence’s spy Mr Ko Saw, who had served in Individual Assistance Dask-IAD of UNHCR, had been instantly resettled to New Zealand. After his real feature was over-come. It was also did by UNHCR in order not to chaos among the Burmese refugee community.

So such unacceptable big-mistakes are committed by big mechanism body. But they still defend by giving various excuses.

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