200 Rohingyas have succesfully submitted a memorandum to the British Government: Soiliciting British Intervention in Rohingya Problems in Burma

By James,

Rohingya have successfully submitted a memorandum to the British Government, appealing British intervention to the cause of Rohingya in Burma.

Rohingya people presenting for memo in front British embassy in KL

About 200 Rohingyas from Kuala Lumpur city took part in the event in time of the memorandum submission. Memorandum was handed over to the British High Commission in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur at 10:40am of 5 Dec 2011.

British High Commission welcomed 3 members delegation to enter High Commission premise, where Admin Officer Ms. Helen Paterson has received the Memorandum on behalf of British High Commissioner to Malaysia. During this time, both the High Commission Representative and Rohingya delegates exchanged views and opinions.

A Rohingyan holds 'Ancient name of Arakan is Rohang'

High Commissioner Representative advised the Rohingya delegates to approach to other diplomatic missions in order to focus the Rohingya issues and assured the Rohingya delegates that she and her High Commissioner would pass the memorandum to the concerned authorities of the British Government for due consideration.

At the event, Rohingya placed various kinds of posters including showing strong support to authentic media groups like BBC, VOA and RFA which always interested to broadcast Rohingya news and information.


 3 Members of Rohingya delegates are Mr. Mohammad Sadek, Mr. Mohammed Rafique and Mr. Mohammed Amin who are the active members of the Rohingya organization in Malaysia, the National Democratic Party for Human Rights (NDPHR) exile, which is one of the elected parties in 1990s multi-party general election in Burma.
For further information, please feel free to contact:
Mohammad Sadek, Tel:+60163094599.
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