Authorities loot paddy from Rohingya community in Maungdaw

source from Kaladan Press, 12 December 2011

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The authorities – Burmese border security force (Nasaka) and village administration officer – are looting paddy from Rohingya community from Nasaka area number 6, since December 10, said a school teacher from Maungdaw.

“The Nasaka personnel with Kawlim Ullah – the village administration officer of Kyaukpyinsek (Nari Bil)- went to the village where they (Nasaka and village officer) forcefully enter Rohingya home and took the paddy from granary without informing the owner.”

“The Nasaka personnel and village officer took 7-10 tins of paddy from granary where the Rohingya community stocked for their yearly rations.” (One tin is equal to 1.25 Bushel / 40.9136 liters)

The concerned authorities are only going to the residents who had someone in the abroad – Malaysia and Middle East countries- only, according to an elder from Nari Bil village.

“It start now in our village, may be it will continuous to other villages soon if the Nasaka and villager officer seen it is profitable for them. If nobody oppose for it.”

“The village administration officer ordered to his official staff to break the granary and took the paddy which amount they want.”

It is first time happening in Maungdaw, where the Government officers are looting public foods grain from the yearly foods stock which will give Rohingya community starvation in the future, said a politician from Maungdaw.

“After election, the civilian government announced that the country is moving towards the democracy and freedom of speech, but, in northern Arakan, where is democracy and freedom of speech. If anyone oppose the authority activates against the Rohingya community, he/she will be punished by the authority. So, the Rohingya become dumb in their home land for authority activates.”

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