UNHCR card holder 3 Burmese Refugees Arrested in Malaysia

by Theng,

UNHCR card holder 3 Burmese Refugees arrested from Seremban state on 7 Jan 2012.

They are Rohingya Burmese refugees and one of them was identified as Mr Saleh Ahmed, joint-secretary of Rohingya community based in Serdang, Kuala Lumpur.

They were arrested by immigration while they are working in a restaurant at around 1:00am of the day.

A friend of them said that immigration rudely responded ‘it is no use’ when they showed UNHCR IDs and community membership card. They were lifted to immigration office and placed one night at immigration lock-up. Now, they are detained in Lenggeng detention camp.

He also confirmed that their leader had already approached to UNHCR and NGOs for their release.

On 15 Nov 2011, undocumented 2 Rohingyan refugees were arrested from Jeeteh area of Terengganu state. The link can be seen at-


A newly registered Rohingyan says that registration of undocumented Rohingyan refugees is suspended at the moment on the occasion of corruption. “I had to pay 1,300.RM for the card”. He said.

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  • Kabi  On February 21, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    I need un card.please give me un card.thankyou.

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